WICTEC 50 evo

Evolution in façade technology 

WICONA has successfully evolved its range of aluminium windows (WICLINE evo) and aluminium doors (WICSTYLE evo) in recent years. Thus, the evolution of the present WICTEC is the logical  development step of the range of curtain walling solutions.

WICTEC 50 evo enables planners and architects to satisfy the key challenges of modern urban architecture in a variety of ways:

  • Sophisticated aesthetics, using a variety of profiles and colours to create a unique character
  • Optimum energy efficiency by using, among other things, high solar gains
  • Highest levels of user comfort by creating maximum natural light incidence and effective sun protection
  • Harmonious integration of soundproofing, security and fire protection components

Façade installer and fabricators benefit from the WICTEC 50 evo façade’s

  • Innovative product details with their unique selling points
  • High process reliability
  • Time-saving installation steps
  • Flexibility in its production
  • Price savings which can be passed on to the end customer

WICTEC 50 evo Collection

WICTEC 50 evo enables planners and architects to satisfy the key challenges of modern urban architecture in a variety of ways.

Heavy load system

In modern architecture, especially in the cities of the future, glass is one of the fundamental characteristics of the façade design. High proportions of glass not only provide fascinating visual accents and distinctive natural light incidence, but also achieve other benefits, such as passive energy gains from the sun. The trend is increasingly towards larger glazed areas within the façade which must be held stable and secure as part of the construction. 

Quick glazing using partial pressure holders

Easier, quicker and more cost-effective – glazing mullion-and- transom façades using the new quick-glazing system using partial pressure holders is a real innovation from WICONA. They enable linear glazing to be installed with short pieces and spare the fabrica-tors the usual processing steps of continuous press strip assembly.

Straight cut 

This innovation is an economical solution for reliable and quick implementation of small to medium façade projects, especially for façade bands and set façades with a picture-frame appearance,  or shop fronts. 

Simplified structural attachments

This area of façades is technically particularly sensitive. The execution of the transition to the building structure must be expertly and care-fully carried out. WICONA facilitates this process with the evolution of the WICTEC 50 façades by using innovative components which make the process of connection to the building structure as well as to clamping elements such as doors safe and reliable for the installer.

Cradle 2 Cradle

From now on, these products will not only be valued for their aesthetics and functionality, but also for their effect on the environ-ment, on health and for their suitability for the material cycle.
At WICONA, sustainability and ecology have been a fundamental part of the company’s philosophy for a long time. Recently, this was significant with them being awarded the Bronze Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Certificate for, among other things, the WICTEC 50 façades.






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