Made with Sustainable Aluminium

Planning and building calls for creativity and freedom of design. Our product range features aluminium windows, doors, facades and sliding systems - all with innovative features, a range of flexible design options and high performance. All products are extruded with greener alloys.

Aluminium Sliders - WICSLIDE Aluminium Sliders - WICSLIDE

Aluminium Sliders - WICSLIDE

Closer to nature with Folding-, Offset- and Lifting-sliding systems

WICONA presents with WICSLIDE a new generation of aluminium sliding windows and doors, with an outstanding thermal rating and exceptional dimensions to suit all your projects. With our sliding systems, you can open up large living rooms, conservatories or glazed extensions to the outdoors. WICSLIDE has functional and stylish solutions for all areas of application, whatever the client's requirements and structural and spatial opportunities on site.

Solar shading system WICSOLAIRE Solar shading system WICSOLAIRE

Solar shading system WICSOLAIRE

Sunshading systems to increase the daylight in your building

WICSOLAIRE is WICONA's range of sunshade blades and shades. By guiding daylight inside the building, our range of sun protection reduces the need for artificial light while controlling solar energy and heat inputs. Heating and air conditioning can thus be avoided, or in any case limited. WICSOLAIRE stands out as a versatile and aesthetic solution, for ever more comfort for the occupants while reducing the ecological footprint of the building.

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