Engineered for larger and heavier glass panels

When using a facade, achieving net zero requires a super-insulated facade system with triple or quadruple glazed units, insulated panels and almost impermeable air-tightness. At the same time, buildings aim to take advantage of freely available solar energy, using large glazed areas to flood the building with natural light. Passive shading is integrated to either reduce or provide heat gains depending on the season. All of these needs can be managed by WICTEC 60NG.

WICTEC 60 NG - 60mm stick system

The WICTEC 60 NG solution is a new stick-system curtain wall extruded with recycled post-consumer aluminium which offers an alternative to modular or custom facade concepts. The WICTEC 60 NG stick-system facade offers an aesthetically pleasing and efficient solution with an internal and external width of just 60mm. From a design perspective, this innovative product is highly customisable. By offering a wide choice of profiles it can easily adapt to the style requirements needed in modern architecture. The WICTEC 60 NG has been developed to meet the increased needs of large facades in terms of span and infill weights, this curtain walling is the solution with optimised performance levels. This facade is capable of accommodating glass surfaces up to 25m2 to cover the entire storey with load transfers up to 820kg and an infill thickness up to 62mm. WICONA has designed an intelligent system to transfer weight through a chain of interconnected elements - a range of glazing supports whcih associated with the crosspieces and uprights make it possible to switch the mass of weight back to the structure. The innovative pin assembly system easily supports the weight of the glazing infill at the connection between the horizontal transoms and the vertical mullions. Finally, this process uses new interior glazing gaskets which allow increased infill thickness tolerances in association with multi-layer glazing - up to +/- 2mm. These form self sealing angles for dry connections and guarantee exceptional sealing in extreme climatic conditions. As with other products, WICONA are deeply passionate about environmental protection and extrude this product with the prime quality recycled aluminium Hydro CIRCAL 75R. There is a guarantee of quality and innovation for the user, with a mark of respect for the environment.


System tests / CE product pass in accordance with EN 13830:2015+A1:2020

Air permeability
Water tightness
Thermal insulation Ut/m
Resistance to wind load
Sound insulation
Impact resistance
Burglar resistance
Quality assurance
Environmental management
Class AE
RE 1500
up to 0.67 W/(m²K)
+2,000 / -2,000 Pa, safety +3,000 / -3,000 Pa
Rw (C;Ctr) = 47 (–1; –4) dB
Class E5 / I5
RC1N, RC2N, RC2, RC3
Certified according to ISO 9001:2008
Certified according to ISO 14001

Technical performance

System width
Profile depth
Infill thickness
Glass weight
60 mm
70 mm to 190 mm
5 mm to 62 mm
up to 8.5 kN

System technology

Thermal insulation

  • Ut/m up to 0.67 W/m²K (including pressure plate screw effect)


  • Air permeability: Class AE
  • Watertightness: 1,500 Pa
  • Resistance to wind load: +2,000 / -2,000 Pa
  • Safety load: +3,000 Pa / -3,000 Pa
  • Impact resistance: Class I5 (internal), Class E5 (external)

Design possibilities

  • Capped
    • With standard thermal break
    • With high performance thermal break
  • Semi-Capped
    • Horizontal line
    • Vertical line
  • SG design
SG Design
SG Design

System Overview

  • Engineered for bigger and heavier glass panels
  • Super insulated facade system due to the abilty for use of triple and quadruple glazed units, insulated panels and almost impermeable air-tightness
  • Large glazed areas flood area with natural light to lower energy usage 
  • Profile shapes optimised to provide maximum strength for bigger glazing spans
  • Range of reinforced glazing supports available to transfer infill weights back to the structure
  • Design freedom with numerous aesthetic options 
  • Facade aesthetics can be:
    • traditionally capped using continuous pressure plates and a range of decorative feature caps
    • semi-capped to provide vertical or horizontal line definition
    • low-profile or flat-pressure cap profile to provide four-sided retention of the insulated glass units whilst creating the illusion of a capless structurally glazed facade
  • Intelligent weight transfer up to 850kg through the connected chain of items:
    • reinforced glass supports
    • strengthened transom shapes
    • heavy load pins between connecting transoms and mullions

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