Our technical information platform WICTIP gives you quick and easy access to the entire WICONA product documentation, which is necessary for planning, right through to processing WICONA system solutions. Product ranges, workshop manuals, hardware installation plans, test certificates, planning information, documents on CE marking, sectional CAD drawings, tools for calculating technical data and much more information has been uploaded into WICTIP. No WICTIP account yet? Register now and discover the entire product documentation range at www.wictip.com – updated every day!


  • Intuitive design 
    All technical documentation for a product series can be downloaded easily with just a few clicks. 
  • Simple download basket 
    Have a lot of documents that you need? You can simply collect and download all at once into a single zip file!  
  • Powerful search function 
    The powerful search function allows you to search by using keywords. Search results are displayed easy to view and clear way. You can also set filters for a more targeted search or to refine the results you have.  
  • Flipping Book instead of pdf reader 
    Our documents open in the web browser-based Flipping Book software. Your previously entered search terms are displayed when the document is opened this way: highlighted in colour in the text as well as in a navigation bar. 
  • Smart news function 
    The news function is smart - in the truest sense of the word. We inform you as soon as new technical documents or document updates are added. Architects, planners, and fabricators are guaranteed of having the latest documents.
  • Improving technical data
    Tools for calculating technical data are available under WICTIP Tools.

Tools for calculating technical data

Static Calculator Tool

The Static Calculator Tool is guidance for the calculation of approximate moments of inertia for mullions, transoms, and other components. Calculations are made given the information provided at the time and may be subject to change.


UW Calculator tool

With the UW Calculator tool, you can calculate U values of windows in accordance with EN 10077-1 in the simplest form. If you change the settings (e.g. the Psi value) using a scroll bar, the result is calculated in real-time. At the same time, a corresponding graph is created to show the interconnection between the influence proportions, as a percentage, of the profile, glass, and edge seal.


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