WICONA is proud to announce the WICONA MEETS video series, which explores the future of architecture. The WICONA team has travelled around Europe to meet world-renowned designers and architects and interview them about the forces reshaping the field - and what the future of buildings, interiors and cities will look like.

About WICONA Meets
About WICONA Meets

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Press Releases


About WICONA Meets

WICONA is proud to announce the launch of its video series WICONA MEETS that will explore the future of architecture. WICONA has been hopscotching around Europe meeting with world-renowned designers and architects to find out more about the key elements to build a world beyond tomorrow.

"The idea of the series is to get away from the traditional panel debate and turn the city into a stage. Of course we want the episodes to be informative, but the aim is also to ask the tough questions, inspire and start a debate about the possibilities in this rapidly changing field."

With accelerating speed, architecture is becoming an interdisciplinary space where no definition can contain its growing complexity. The professionals building our cities today need to balance aesthetics with the challenges brought by the housing and infrastructural needs of a rapidly growing urban population. Meanwhile, the global quest to restore the equilibrium of our planet has forced a pivot to building greener, smarter and more connected cities.

These are no doubt great challenges. But as its ushers in a new area of buildings methods, materials and technology, leading architects are taking advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to push the limits for design and creating a truly inclusive and collaborative new sector

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Episode 1. Meet Dieter Brell

In the first episode, our team heads to Berlin to meet one of the leading players in the avant-garde designer world - Dieter Brell. As well as having the cool factor, Dieter is the brains behind award-winning projects around the world including the Leonardo Glass Cube in Germany, the Butterfly Pavillion in Dubai, Michelin starred chef Mario Lohninger's designer restaurant and the D'fly store in New York. As co-founder of the interdisciplinary design firm 3deluxe, Dieter operates in a universe that embraces architecture and design, art and pop culture and the interface between analogue and digital space.

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Episode 2: Meet Rudi Scheuermann

In the second episode of WICONA Meets, our team traveled to Hamburg to find out more about how to make urban spaces more resilient, sustainable and cool. Specializing in building envelope design, Rudi is the “green hand” of Arup, a multinational firm at the forefront of some of the world’s most ambitious and challenging design and engineering projects.

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Episode 3: Steen |Elsted Andersen

In the latest episode of WICONA Meets, our team travelled to Copenhagen to meet one of Europe's leading facade designers, Steen Elsted Andersen. Steen is head of facade design at Henning Larsen and during his 20 year career has participated in the design of buildings such as the Copenhagen Opera, Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center as well as the Nordea Bank Corporate Center. This episode will be released on September 30.

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Episode 4: Meet Phil Sedge

In the latest episode of WICONA Meets, our team heads to London to meet the Head of Facades at Mace, Phil Sedge. Phil has worked in the Curtain Walling Industry for over 30 years. He has worked for facade contractors building prestigious projects across London for instance projects like one Hyde Park and the Cheese Grater before joining Mace in 2013. At Mace he has successfully operated a facade department and has a lot of experience in his backpack. Don´t miss this new episode where Phil explains the importance of to build and develop facades Beyond Tomorrow. The episode will be released on December 19th.

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