WICSTYLE Bullet resistance

Following the WICONA Unisys principle, the bullet-resistant version of the WICSTYLE aluminium doors was developed from the the WICSTYLE evo range. The design construction of the WICSTYLE evo standard door is expanded using surface-mounted aluminium profiles to offer protection against firearms. The appearance of the doors fronts which are protected in this way remain visually unchanged compared with standard version. There is no change to the manufacturing process either, so no additional time for production is required. Naturally, the door must be supplemented with multipoint locks and suitable bullet-resistant glazing.

Technical performance

Bullet resistance according to EN 1522

  • The door series WICSTYLE 65 evo and WICSTYLE 75 evo have been tested according to this standard in various profile combinations, and successfully been certified in class FB4 S and FB4 NS.
  • Bullet resistance can be combined with burglar resistance in the classes RC1N, RC2N, RC2, RC3 according to EN 1627.

Possible combinations with other WICONA product series in bullet resistance in class FB4

  • Windows WICLINE 65 evo / WICLINE 75 evo
  • Stick curtain walls WICTEC 50

Bullet resistance according to EN 1522 / classifications

WICSTYLE 65 evo / WICSTYLE 75 evo Hinged doors, single or double leaf, inward or outward opening
FB4 S / FB4 NS


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