WICSTYLE 75 evo hinged

Aluminium hinged door with a 75mm module

With a 75 mm profile depth, WICSTYLE 75 evo puts itself ahead in terms of thermal insulation and physical features. Its outstanding technical performance and application range make it the ideal door solution for all current and future requirements in architecture, both in new buildings and in renovations.


The WICSTYLE 75 evo range embodies the pure and elegant aesthetics of WICONA's other aluminium systems, distinguishing itself with its insulation characteristics and physical properties. Its 75mm module provides excellent results in terms of thermal insulation, with Uf values of 1.6 to 1.8 W/(m²K), without foam inserts. Taking place within a set of modular references and a wide range of applications, the WICSTYLE 75 evo door stands out as an effective solution for all modern architectural requirements. Opening outwards or inwards, one or two casement solutions, glazed filling or panel, the customisation options are numerous, to adapt to the uniqueness of each building. To meet accessibility needs, the WICSTYLE 75 evo door can be installed with a lowered threshold, to facilitate access to buildings for people with reduced mobility.


System test results / CE product pass in accordance with EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016

Air permeability
Water tightness
Resistance to wind load
Acoustic Performance
Operating forces
Load bearing capacity of safety devices
Mechanical strength
Repeated opening / closing
Impact resistance
Behaviour between different climates
Burglar resistance
Bullet resistance
Quality assurance
Environmental management
Up to class 2
Up to 7A
Class C2
RW (C; Ctr) until 43 (–1; –4) dB
Class 2
Class 3
Up to class 7 (500 000 cycles)
Class 1
Up to class 2(e) 2(d)
RC1N, RC2N, RC2, RC3
Up to class FB4 NS
Certified according to ISO 9001:2008
Certified according to ISO 14001

Technical performance

Profile technology

  • High insulation multi-chamber system in symmetric design, quality assured thermal insulator connection
  • For single and double leaf hinged doors
  • For inward and outward opening
  • For glass or panels with infill thickness from 6 mm to 60 mm
  • Various threshold profiles with or without thermal break, also barrier free
  • Fanlights, lateral glazings fixed or opening in combination with WICLINE evo window series

Thermal insulation

  • Uf values: from 1.6 to 1.8 W/(m²K), without foam inserts


  • Butt hinge
  • Screwed hinge
  • Concealed hinge
  • Leaf sizes (w x h): 1400 mm x 2520 mm
  • Max. leaf weight: until 200 kg, for bullet resistance with additional hinges until 400 kg

System Overview of the WICSTYLE 75 evo door

  • Highly thermally insulated multi-chamber system with symmetrical structure for single or double-leaf single-action door
  • Inwards or outwards opening
  • Infill thickness from 3mm to 60mm
  • Fixed, or combined with WICLINE evo windows for opening fanlights and side panels


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