WICSTYLE 65 evo / 75 evo

The finger protection variation is based on the technical concept of the WICSTYLE evo aluminium door, with a 65 mm and 75 mm profile and is fully compatible with other solutions for ease of fabrication. The equipment and tools for manufacture remain the same so that inventory does not increase unnecessarily and no extra time is spent on production. Finger protection is achieved using specialist seals and requires no additional elements for installation. The efficient prevention of squeezing and sheering risk on the hinge side is combined with the technical performance of the WICSTYLE aluminium door systems, offering a maximum of advantages in one solution.  As with all the versions in the WICSTYLE range, the door with an installation profile can be incorporated into the WICTEC façade and is also compatible with the WICLINE window system.


Air permeability
Water tightness
Resistance to wind load
Operating forces
Load bearing capacity of safety devices
Mechanical strength
Repeated opening / closing
Impact resistance
Behaviour between different climates
Quality assurance
Environmental management
Class 2
Up to 6A
Class C2
Class 2
Class 3
Up to class 7 (500 000 cycles)
Class 1
Up to class 2(e) 2(d)
Certified according to ISO 9001:2008
Certified according to ISO 14001

Technical performance

Profile technology

  • Finger protection on the hinge side is effected only by special gaskets. No other additional parts are needed.
  • The requirements of the standard DIN 18650 (safety distance > 25 mm) are met
  • High insulation multi-chamber system in symmetric design, quality assured thermal insulator connection
  • For single and double leaf hinged doors
  • For inward and outward opening
  • For glass or panels with infill thickness from 3 mm to 60 mm
  • Various threshold profiles with or without thermal break, also barrier free
  • Fanlights, lateral glazings fixed or opening in combination with WICLINE evo window series

Thermal insulation

  • Uf values: from 1.6 to 1.8 W/(m²K), without foam inserts


  • Butt hinge
  • Screwed hinge
  • Leaf sizes (w x h): 1400 mm x 2520 mm
  • Max. leaf weight: until 200 kg

Additional designs

  • Double action doors
  • Integration frame for stick façades


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