WICLINE Bullet Resistant

Personal security and building protection – for your building you need a solution which can be accomplished with aluminium sys-tems in a wholistic and compatible way. This is achieved by the WICONA series for windows, curtain walls and doors. Each of them can provide bullet resistance, in combination with other functions. The requirements for bullet resistance are achieved with various WICLINE window profile combinations, simply by addition special solid aluminium planking.

Technical performance

Bullet resistance according to EN 1522

  • The bullet resistance requirements for windows are regulated Europe wide in the standard EN 1522.
    The new window series WICLINE 65 evo and WICLINE 75 evo have been tested according to this standard in various profile combinations, and successfully been certified in class FB4 S and FB4 NS.
  • Bullet resistance in classes FB4 S and FB4 NS can be achieved for various opening types, in punched hole applications or in ribbon windows.
  • Bullet resistance can be combined with burglar resistance in the classes RC1N, RC2N, RC2, RC3 according to EN 1627.

Bullet resistance according to EN 1522 / classifications

WICLINE 65 evo / 75 evo Turn / turn-tilt / tilt / tilt-first / double casement
WICLINE 65 evo / 75 evo Fanlight
FB4 S / FB4 NS
FB4 S / FB4 NS

Possible combinations with other WICONA product series in bullet resistance in class FB4

  • Doors WICSTYLE 65 evo / WICSTYLE 75 evo
  • Stick curtain walls WICTEC 50


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