WIDOK Towers - Designed to lead the way in Poland

Form and function are equally important in modern architecture and the use of material is far more appreciated that unnecessarry frills - there is beauty in enhancing the material rather than covering it with design details. Widok Towers is a stunning example of a building not compromising on either form or function and the actual construction itself is the ornament for the building.


Would you like to look towards the future? This building is created for tenants who want to be on the forefront of development. The architecture considers all aspects for unlimited development for tenants and the future. Widok Towers is the centre piece of Warsae, from here you can go anywhere in the city. 

The 28-storey office building describes a building of comfort and offers a balanced working environment. The green space in the common areas externally give a tranquil space in the city's centre of attention. Besides offie space, the building offers 3 levels of retail space and a beautiful lobbgy flooded with natural light thanks to the 15m of glass ceiling height. Widok Towers reflects the characteristics of Warsaw - it thrives on creativity, energy and diversity.

The prominent WICONA unitised facade is made with a solid aluminium system incorporated with new smart technology system of sealing individual elements.

There are two types of unitized façade solutions, one is the base type façade and the other is called Masstab. The base type façade has two kinds of units arranged alternately: units with a deep external glazing profiles in which a narrow glass screen is attached, and units with much less deep glazing profiles. The units with deep glazing profiles has narrow ventilation flaps hidden behind these glass screens. The façade solution must compensate quite large deflections of the slabs of the building
Hubert Wisniewski, Commercial Director at WICONA Poland