Aluminium Windows - WICLINE

Function and Design for buildings with character

Each building is unique. Individually designed windows are a key part of any architectural concept and determine the aesthetic of the entire facade and set the character of the building. Our WICLINE series of aluminium windows provides you with the best means of achieving intricate and attractive window designs that offer a high level of functionality and precise dimensioning.

Windows have the responsibility in a project to bring light and air into the building. They bring life to it. To provide you with maximum design freedom, WICONA has created WICLINE - a complete system for the construction of complex and unique aluminium windows. Their aesthetics also serve a high level of functionality and thermal performance. All WICLINE aluminium windows are entirely customisable in terms of colour, dimensions, types of profile, hardware and security and offer many types of opening - inward and outwards with visible or hidden elements.

Advantages of Choosing WICLINE Aluminium Windows

System Overview

  • Wide variety of systems makes WICLINE a suitable window solution for every application
  • Extensive range of opening options to fit design specifications for every type of building
  • High level of thermal resistance, burglar-resistance and bullet-resistance features - all without changing the appearance and with few additional components
  • Large variety of design options maintaining adaption to individual design requirements
  • High-quality window system technology in accordance with international product standards such as the product-specific EN 14351-1
  • Quality assured and monitored production for profile thermal bond for all thermally-insulated profiles in the three-chamber system
  • High-quality fitting that are perfectly tailored to the window system adding reliability and durability
  • Extensive freedom of design, high-level process safety, cost and time-saving production with few tools required

Design options for WICLINE Windows

  • Turn, tilt-turn, tilt windows
  • Double vent windows
  • Concealed sash windows
  • Oblique / round arch windows
  • Parallel side tilt windows
  • Horizontally pivoted sash windows
  • Vertically pivoted sash windows
  • Top-hung sash windows (opening to the outside)
  • Roof Lights (opening to the outside)
  • Parallel vent windows (opening to the outside)
  • Turn sashes, top-hun sashes (opening to outside)
The WICLINE range includes multi-level concepts for security and thermal and acoustic insulation. This extensive system variety offers a range of options for inward and outward opening as well as various additional design options.