Aluminium Sliders - WICSLIDE

Bring nature inside

WICONA presents with WICSLIDE a new generation of aluminium sliding windows and doors, with an outstanding thermal rating and exceptional dimensions to suit all your projects. With our sliding systems, you can open up large living rooms, conservatories or glazed extensions to the outdoors.

Some projects require space saving when opening glass surfaces to the outside of the building, whilst others wish to utilise exceptional large glass dimensions. WICSLIDE is the solution WICONA offer to meet these needs. WICSLIDE is a complete system of aluminium windows and sliding doors with an excellent thermal performance - a necessity for modern architecture to meet extreme technological requirements. These maximum performance levels are reinforced through thoughtful design and customisation options including a wide choice of profiles, lacquerable handles along with the possibility of integrating sashes of substantial weight and dimension. WICSLIDE has functional and stylish solutions for all areas of application, whatever the client's requirements and structural and spatial opportunities on site.

Advantages of choosing WICSLIDE Aluminium Sliding Systems

  • Large possible leaf dimensions with slim sightlines for delicate structures
  • Robust fittings for long-lasting and reliable function
  • Flexible adaptations to thermal insulation requirements thanks to a range of system versions

Design Options

  • Lifting/Sliding doors and windows
  • Sliding doors and windows
  • Double and triple tracks
  • Folding/Sliding doors
  • Combinations with fixed panels
  • Pull/Slide door technology