Aluminium Doors - WICSTYLE

High performance and more sustainable aluminium door systems

Whether large entrance areas of administrative buildings or hotels, fire protection doors in hospitals, emergency exit doors in schools, access doors for commercial or industrial buildings, elegant front door systems for villas or automatic sliding doors: With WICSTYLE aluminium doors, a tailor-made solution can be achieved for every configuration.

A door is much more than an architectural element allowing access to a building or one of its rooms, it's also a centrepiece of user comfort. The WICSTYLE range of aluminium doors from WICONA has been precisely developed and extensively testes to cope with all scenarios - from day to day use to emergency situations. Each aluminium door in the WICSTYLE range is high performance, customisable and modular with all WICONA window, patio and curtain wall systems. Whether it's the door to a private home or residence, a large entrance to an office or hotel, a fire protection or emergency exit for a school or college, or a simple functioning door for a manufacturing facility, with WICSTYLE aluminium doors, a tailor-made solution can be achieved for every configuration.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Remarkable system diversity ensures the appropriate door solution for your next project
  • A high level of thermal insulation, burglar-resistance and bullet-resistance is possible without compromising the style and appearance with few additional parts needed
  • Specialist range of fire protection, smoke control and emergency exit door systems available
  • Various profile depths available, with and without insulation
  • Door systems can also be equipped with automatic operation, multipoint locks, fingerprint sensors, door edge gap locks, alarm systems and surveillance cameras
  • Easily adapted to individual design requirements with a large range of profiles, designs and door fillings up to 200kg in weight
  • Perfectly tailored door system fitting with the highest RAL standard for quality, reliability and durability