For complex constructions, such as curtain walling, WICONA has created its own specific piece of software. WIC3D radically reduces the time needed to produce 2D and 3D drawings and 3D renders. Our digital drawing platform is useful from the earliest stages of schematic design, allowing designers to be creative and productive when exploring facade solutions. It also supports the description, analysis, and visualisation of architecture and gives project stakeholders the opportunity to assess the impact of facade choices and changes.

Software overview

WIC3D is an intuitive and innovative BIM sketching tool that has been specially designed for architects, specifiers, and fabricators and saves time in producing 3D drawings and 3D rendered models.

Once the initial design has been created, in Sketchup® for example, architects can send it to the WIC3D software. Once uploaded, projects can then be brought to life using WICONA products that are integrated into the software. Once any changes have been made, architects can reintegrate them into their designs. This same data can be used within WICTOP, our technical costing and design software.

Our BIM objects libraries

WICONA provides our product libraries in “REVIT” and “ARCHICAD” formats on BIM Object or BIM Store.

Service and Support

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