In view of the current developments of the COVID-19 (Corona) virus, we would like to update you on the situation in Hydro Building Systems UK. 

The well-being of our staff and duty of care to those employees is naturally of utmost importance to Hydro. With the current concerns about COVID-19 and the evolving situation, we have appropriate continuity plans in place to minimise any risks and continue to provide service to our customers and partners that they expect from Hydro.

We have planned different scenarios within our organisation to ensure our customer service isn't compromised, but also ensures the safety of our own employees and responsibility to the wider community is also upheld. Our aim is to continue to deliver a consistent service with no disruption to our customers for as long as possible during this difficult period. 

Where remote working isn't possible for certain individuals in the manufacturing process and appropriate support functions, particular attention is being made to provide a safe working environment in order to conform to government guidance and advice. This includes the changeover of shifts in our manufacturing environment avoids, as much as possible, people to people interaction to and from the place of work. 

Our top priority is to avoid the spread of the virus among our employees and business partners. Consequently, we have introduced restrictions that we believe will protect our employees and those of our stakeholders. These include;

  • Travel is limited to essential business needs only
  • Guidelines for meeting and greeting between colleagues, between shifts, and with external sources
  • Mandatory additional hygiene measures
  • Cancellation of our participation in external events
  • Cancellation of internal events and/or participation by conference calls
  • Re-location and splitting of essential business functions
  • Advice on how to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Investigation of implementation of a home-working policy wherever possible to ensure the risk of infection is reduced for the individual and work colleagues

We are also following recommendations from local and international health authorities where we operate. We have avoided major business disruptions due to the spread of the virus, and we are continually monitoring the situation and updating our contingency plans to avoid disruptions to the extent possible. 

Hydro is a vertically integrated aluminium company operating in more than 40 countries globally. We are continually monitoring and reviewing our supply chain, including our globally sourced materials and products. Should situations change, where we must quarantine employees or temporarily close production sites to comply with local authorities' recommendations,, we will do our best to compensate by relocating the production and other business functions among out other available production sites and locations.