WICONA held the inaugural International Conference at the iconic Tower of London on the 8th of October 2019. Creating a truly international feel with over 200 guests from over 23 countries, guests were able to discover sustainability and the role it plays within architecture with a number of illustrious speakers from within Hydro and the architectural community.

Egil Hogna, VP for Hydro Extruded Solutions introduced Norsk Hydro and its environmental strategy before Maxwell Hutchinson discussed the evolving nature of architecture and sustainability throughout his illustrious career. 

Peter Fisher, Director at Bennetts Associates, looked at embedded energy and how buildings can become carbon neutral and was followed by Jean-Marc Moulin, Hydro’s Sustainability Director, who introduced Hydro CIRCAL, one of the most sustainable alloys on the market.

Werner Jager introduced how WICONA is tackling sustainability issues and how it is utilizing Hydro CIRCAL aluminum. Before a panel discussion, which opened up the floor for questioning, Henri Gomez concluded the talks by looking at the future for Hydro Building Systems.

Prior to a drinks reception and banquet dinner, guests were given a tour of the Tower and Jewel House, which house the Crown Jewels, by a team of Beefeaters.

The event was hugely successful in creating discussions around sustainability in architecture and was an empathetic showcase of WICONA's impact on the built environment, whilst introducing Hydro CIRCAL to a global audience.