People and Local Communities

Social Responsibility

At WICONA, when it comes to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) our long-term goal is to be a mirror of our society. To achieve our ambition of creating an inclusive work environment, we have a strong action-plan organised around a dedicated DIB Working Group to screen our practices, increase internal awareness and train our HR team and Leaders. We also have two gender-based goals. We aim to have 50% of our new hires to be female by 2025 and reach 27% of employees to be female during the same year. Our focus is on Operations and Sales teams where gender diversity is weakest in the building & construction sector.


Diversity is also about ethnicity and national origins. 

At WICONA globally as of 2021, our employees represent 61 different nationalities. As for us, being a workplace fostering collaboration between all nationalities and generations is a priority. It's why we put a high focus on integrating more young people as apprentices and trainees, passing our knowledge and skills on to future generations. 


Norsk Hydro aims to be a leader in our industry for occupational health and safety. This will be achieved through consistent improvement of the management process, committed and viable leadership and through full engagement of our employees.

Our entire business is active in identifying safety risks, and our risk KPI remains an important leading indicator enabling us to manage and monitor processes and tasks with high inherent risks.

In 2018, New Chapter was established and aims to create a common platform and identity for our 36,000 employees across the world. Hydro’s value platform, The Hydro Way, and visual profile including our logo have been renewed, along with strategic direct Bigger, Better, Greener and stakeholder positioning strategy.

Our Fit4Future initiative aims at step-change focus areas, including strategic fit, differentiation and simplification. Our common process for people performance and development, My Way, and our learning and development platform, Hydro Academy have been implemented across the whole business.

To deliver on our goals, and to remain competitive, Hydro needs leaders and specialists with the right skills. We’re dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining our employees to ensure the future success of Hydro and our staff. After an update of our people strategy in 2016, we’ve continued to reinforce existing processes, as well as implementing new ones. We’ve developed a global framework for competence management, which will continue into 2019 and beyond.

Our global organisation represents diversity in education, experience, gender, age and cultural background. This encourages our innovation, learning and improves our customer understanding. Through inclusion and diversity, we let all employees know they’re valued for who they are, and that everyone contributes to the success of our business strategy.


As a global company with mining interests, ensuring we conduct ourselves responsibility is important to us across our value chain. We consider our impact on society, spanning from construction to divestment, as well as the potential to exposure to corruption and human rights violations, within our own operations and in the supply chain.

Our compliance system ensures all persons acting on Hydro’s behalf comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as within the requirements adopted by Hydro.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is built on the aim of making a difference by strengthening our business partners and local communities where we operate. To do this, we target the fundamental drivers of long-term development. In line with our stakeholder expectations and through strong partnerships we aim to:

  • Contribute to quality education in our communities
  • Promote decent work throughout the value and supply chain
  • Foster economic growth in our communities
  • Strengthening local communities and institutions through capacity building

Our commitment to internationally recognising human rights provides a platform for our approach and initiatives. All people are entitled to basic rights and freedoms. This provides a solid framework to assess opportunities and risks in developed and developing countries.

We achieve our ambitions through partnering with people and communities. Through transparent dialogue, collaboration and by building, we can make a positive impact for all communities we work in and promote social change.

We’re committed to contributing to quality education and capacity building for 500,000 people in our communities and for our business partners from 2018 to 2030.


Our teams regularly take part in charity and awareness events. In the past 12 months, these have included:

  • £82.50 donated to Comic Relief with money raised from a bake sale and "wear red, pay £1"
  • Global fund raising using an activity tracker "Move with HBS" with 20,000 euros being donated to WeBuilding
  • Food Donations shared with local food banks


To support the local community where our head office is based in Tewkesbury, we are undertaking a number of initiatives. 

These include:

  • Support of local talent by recruiting apprentices fromm colleges and supporting their career growth. Three apprentices have joined the company in the last 12 months across several departments.
  • National Charities such as Children in Need and Comic Relief are supported by fund-raising which takes place every March and November each year
  • Collections of food and sponsorships is provided to local food banks and support centres for nearby charities in December each year.
  • Sponsorship of a local U11 football team


Our employees are the life blood of the business. We provide support and run various initiatives for all employees including:

  • Health awareness events 
  • Mindfulness and Stress management courses provided by third parties to provide the tools our teams need to be happy, healthy and productive. 
  • "Cycle to Work" scheme to reduce traffic, improve personal fitness and to impact the CO2 emissions for employees on a personal basis. 
  • Employee Benefits and Community Development programme with locally based events with a reduction in cost as well as other incentives (eg gym memberships)
  • Personal and professional development is available to all staff through a number of courses available through the company 
  • LinkedIn learning is provided to all employees of Hydro