WICSOLAIRE - curtain wall integration

Solar shading integrated into the facade

Modern architecture with extended glazed building skins offers increased energy gains from daylight. Energy savings, user comfort and economy and external light control are often required. WICSOLAIRE sun shading systems guide daylight into the building, reducing the need for artificial light and energy and heat input by solar radiation is controlled reducing the use of air conditioning. All visual contact with the exterior remains, improving the sensation of comfort for users inside.

Solar shading integrated on to the facade

WICSOLAIRE is the WICONA range of aluminium solar shading that aims to contribute to energy savings through the intelligent control of incoming light and heat. In addition to our commitment to sustainable development, the solar shading solution that's integrated into curtain walling contributes to the comfort of users inside the building as well as the aesthetics. The WICSOLARE solar shading system adapts to large glazing seen on modern architecture and guides daylight into the building to reduce the need for artificial light. This ensures energy use is lowered and limits air conditioning requirements. Aesthetic requirements are maintained since the visuals to the exterior is preserved. WICSOLAIRE adapts easily to different architectural styles as well as the individual needs of users, clients and designers and is easily integrated into the structure of facades as well as various WICONA window systems.

Technical performance

  • Blade dimensions: Profile depth 100 mm or 150 mm
  • Blade holders for fixture in 4 angles (15° / 30° / 45° / 60°)
  • Horizontal blades for vertical or sloped application or canopies
  • Easy assembly due to special WICTEC fixture parts for curtain wall integration or for other surfaces

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