Aluminium Pull slide system with high weather performance

WICSLIDE 150 PS is a hybrid solution because it combines the advantages of a sliding system with the features of a window. The patented central sealing system guarantees optimum water-tightness – up to four times greater than standard sliding doors. Thanks to excellent thermal insulation and water tightness, the WICSLIDE 150 PS pull-slide system is the innovative solution to meet the challenges of climate change.


The WICSLIDE 150 PS pull-slide door has been specifically developed to offer the best level of comfort to building users. With a secure and silent micro-ventilation system to directly contribute to this the WICSLIDE 150 PS is a hybrid solution that offers the aesthetics and design features of a traditional sliding door with the performance and water tightness of a window. A patented central sealing system provides tightness that is up to four times greater than a standard sliding door, with high thermal and acoustic performance as an additional benefit. The WICSLIDE 150 PS has a small footprint with the slimmest available sightlines the large glazing sizes available provide maximum natural light. WICSLIDE 150 PS is constructed from extruded aluminum profiles in Hydro CIRCAL 75R. At least 75% of the material therefore comes from post-consumer waste, guaranteeing high quality as well as respect for the environment.


System tests / CE product pass in accordance with EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016

Thermal insulation Uw
Air permeability
Water tightness
Resistance to wind load
Sound insulation
Operating forces
Mechanical strength
Impact resistance
up to 1.0 W/(m²K)
up to Class A4
up to E1200
up to Class 3
Rw up to 45 (-2;-5) dB
up to Class 1
up to Class 4
up to Class 2
up to Class 3 (20 000 cycles)

Technical performance

Thermal insulation

  • Uw up to: 1.0 W/m²K (Ug = 0.7 W/m²K), 1 sliding sash + fixed light, triple glazing w x h = 4 000 x 2 700 mm


  • Air permeability: up to Class A4
    Micro-ventilation: up to Class A1
  • Water tightness: up to E1200
  • Resistance to wind load: up to Class 3
    Operating load up to  1 200 Pa, Safety load up to 1 800 Pa, Class 5 up to 3 000 Pa (expected mid 2020)

Sound insulation

  • Rw (C;Ctr): up to 45 (-2;-5) dB
  • Double glazing 50 mm: 88.2 Si / 20 / 66.2 Si
  • Operating forces: up to Class 1
  • Burglar resistance: up to RC 2 (expected mid 2020)

System Overview

  • Developed for vertical living spaces to provide a space saving solution to open the building to the interior
  • Hybrid solution to combine the design features of a sliding system with the performance of a window
  • Patented central sealing system guarantees optimum water tightness
  • Excellent thermal insulation and watertightness to provide a solution to meet the challenges of climate change
  • Clear, slim sightlines combined with concealed fittings creating a balanced aesthetic
  • Specifically designed for a high level of user comfort with a secure micro-ventilation system
  • Innovative solution ensures smooth low-noise operation
  • Extruded with Hydro CIRCAL 75R aluminium


By choosing WICONA products that are created using Hydro CIRCAL 75R, you are contributing to a more sustainable life cycle. Learn more about this innovative products that will change the building and construction industry forever.

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