WICONA products chosen for their circularity at Nova College

Project Details

  • Project: Nova Campus College, Haarlem
  • Customer: Board of governers of the Nova College Haarlem
  • Architect: Paul de Ruiter Architects
  • Contractors: Building Consortium HBB Group and De Geus Bouw
  • Facade Builder: Prince Cladding Obdam BV
  • Photographer: Ossip van Duivenbode

The healthcare sector is in a state of flux and technological developments follow each other in rapid succession.  This also means that educational institutions specialised in healthcare training are investing in modernising their facilities. For example, Paul de Ruiter Architects developed a new Nova College educational building with a pavilion on the Nova Campus in Haarlem.  The building can accommodate more students and at the same time, it houses the latest technology. The 6,000 m2 Nova College energy-neutral education building (Care) is part of a new green campus that, in addition to the new building, also includes a 500 m2 multifunctional pavilion (De Mug) and a new bicycle shed surrounded by greenery.

Green Circular and Healthy

The existing Nova College site on the Zijlweg in Haarlem still had an unused section. Paul de Ruiter Architects has designed two sustainable buildings here. The new energy-neutral educational building is located near the main building of the Nova College in Haarlem. Together with landscape architect ZUS, the architect helped to draw up the plans for a fresh, green and attractive outdoor area.

Sustainability was central to the design of the two Nova College buildings. The education building (Care) and pavilion (De Mug). Both buildings are energy-neutral. Natural materials are used everywhere. Besides circularity, a pleasant and healthy indoor climate played an equally important role in the design of the new educational building. With the help of hybrid climate islands and windows that can be opened, excellent air quality was also created. The energy-neutral school building belongs to the Fresh Schools (Class B).

A sustainable and stunning building

The centrally located striking round multifunctional pavilion, De Mug, consists of a large wooden construction that gives the building a unique identity of its own. The green roof provides insulation and, at the same time, ensures that the building blends in beautifully with the green landscape of the campus.

The green campus grounds flow into the central atrium of the new Care education building via the glass façade.

Cradle 2 Cradle certification contributed to specification

Paul de Ruiter chose aluminium window frames and curtain walls from WICONA. All facades had to comply with the Cradle 2 Cradle certificate. The applied systems from WICONA (WICLNE 65, WICTEC 50) Cradle 2 Cradle Silver.

Due to the high, transparent plinth facade, it was necessary to use windows that were inconspicuous but provided fresh rooms. WICLINE90 SG windows were chosen here. These windows are electrically connected. The structural glazing means that the windows do not stand out in the picture and ensure that the glare is fully transmitted across the glass.

A circular solution for greener buildings

The basis for the project was circularity, and so WICONA supplied the window frames and curtain walls in Hydro CIRCAL 75R. Hydro CIRCAL 75R  is a prime-quality aluminium alloy that contains at least 75% recycled end-of-life aluminium, a circular solution recovered from old windows, doors and curtain walls from demolition, renovation and transformation projects.

The transparent façade allows plenty of daylight to enter, while the vertical wooden façade slats protect the classrooms from heating and direct sunlight. At the same time, they give the building a warm appearance.