Modern architecture with extended glazed building skins offer increased energy gains from daylight but require an external light control that aligns energy savings, user comfort and economy. WICSOLAIRE sun shading systems guide daylight into the building and thus reduce the need for artificial light. They control the energy and heat input by radiation and reduce the need for air conditioning. The visual contact with the exterior remains and improves the sensation of comfort. As a passive technology, WICSOLAIRE can be adapted in diverse options to the individual requirements and the architectural style of the building. Fixed directly on an independent support structure, WICSOLAIRE offers a maximum choice of applications with vertical or horizontal blade orientation, for canopie or with motorised adjustable orientation.

Technical performance

  • Easily adaptable in size, assembly, application and orientation to meet the requirements of each individual project
  • Blade holders for fixing at 4 angles (15° / 30° / 45° / 60°)
  • Fixed angles from 0° to 45°, from 0° to 60° or adjustable orientation from 0° to 90°
  • Blade dimensions:
    • 120 mm to 270 mm for fixing in front of the support structure
      (0° to 45°)
    • 100 mm to 300 mm (single profile) and 350 mm to 600 mm (composite profiles) for fixing between the support structure
    • 175 mm to 300 mm (half-blades) for fixture in front of the support structure
  • Easy assembly due to special fixing parts for each application
  • Orientation of the blades horizontally or vertically or on sloped structures 


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