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For us, acting sustainably means also building strong partnerships. To change the brief– together. Feel inspired by our technological innovations, interviews with architects and fabricators about sustainability and explore certified sustainability.


Building cities beyond tomorrow means going one step beyond. We need to think about tomorrow and future generations. Developing circular aluminium solutions. Solutions, that are made with 75% recycled and 95% recyclable content. To reach our goal to cut our carbon emissions in half by 2025, we are working with strong partners around the world. This sustainability e-magazine discusses the targets we have set ourselves and shows how we meet them together with architects, fabricators and façade planners. We want to also demonstrate our support initiatives and projects that promote the common good and contribute to a better future at a local level. Be inspired by our sustainability e-magazine GO BEYOND!


Discover in this first edition some of the ways in which architects tune into the sustainable opportunities to build cities beyond tomorrow. Feel inspired by the buildings where HYDRO CIRCAL has been specified, like the future-forward thinking architecture of Senckenberg Tower. Learn more about the partnerships we are forging and find out more about our actions to support local communities we work in.

Read the first edition of GO BEYOND!


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