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Highly energy-efficient sustainable aluminium systems that deliver on comfort, safety and security.

New generation
New generation

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Product priorities

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System solutions


Striving for circularity: sustainable aluminium systems that deliver on comfort, safety and security

Every era brings its own innovation that pushes the limits of performance and architecture.

Driving continuous improvement for specifiers and customers across a variety of markets, WICONA leads the way in the evolution of aluminium building systems. An ambitious, regenerative mind-set means we’re always innovating, with 180 patents filed, 46 of which are still active – the thermal break being one of the most notable.

Now, it’s time for a NEW GENERATION of façades.

Future-proofing for tomorrow’s building and sustainability standards, NEW GENERATION (NG) aluminium systems from WICONA are not only sustainable but also provide the people using the buildings with a comfortable, safe and secure environment.


Designed responsibly for user comfort and protection


Performing. Always. Each and every NEW GENERATION façade product is designed to make a visual statement; one that provides the very best aesthetic outcome for your building. Colour choice and alternative profile depths mean you can get creative. It's not just about the visual though. The NEW GENERATION range considers sustainability, comfort as well as safety and security.


Circular in our approach, all our NEW GENERATION products contain at least 75% recycled and 95% recyclable content, are Cradle to Cradle Certified®, and come with EPDs, meeting international norms and regulations, like BREEAM, LEED and DGNB. Working hard to reduce the use of adhesive and silicone, simplify dismantling and improve the recyclability of WICONA systems, by 2030, the aim is to achieve 80% recycled and 100% recyclable content.


Designed for the comfort of a building’s occupants and to reduce its operational emissions, expect products that minimise energy consumption through outstanding thermal and acoustic performance, with focus centred around low U-values and thermal breaks. After all, reducing the energy requirement of a building from the outset is the ideal, which is why WICONA products meet high standards for thermal insulation, low maintenance and energy performance.

Safe & Secure

With a modular format, specifications can meet project-specific fire and smoke protection as well as security and access control requirements. Where an increased level of access control is needed, top mounted and integrated door closers along with aluminium and stainless-steel butt hinges ensure that the security of NEW GENERATION products is optimal. For added safety and improved aesthetics, the products also offer intelligent glass weight transfer and reinforced glass supports.

Meet Isabelle Fabbro, VP R&D/Product Management

Meet Isabelle Fabbro, Vice President R & D and Product Management at Hydro Building Systems and discover what sustainability at WICONA means. We learn what action WICONA is taking to operate in a more circular way and how this is reflected in the products being developed. Based in Ulm, Isabelle is responsible for the launch of our NEW GENERATION products – let’s find out more.

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System Solutions adapted to a new generation


Derived from the successful WICSTYLE evo door system comes a NEW GENERATION of non-thermally broken doors. The modular door system can be easily upgraded for safety and security requirements such as fire and smoke protection. This product is composed of a top quality aluminium alloy of which 75% is made up of recycled end-of-life aluminium.

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Visually pleasing, and efficient, WICTEC 60 curtain wall offers a face width of 60mm inside and out. With hidden or visible screws for glazing and a customisable choice of profiles, it’s easy to adapt to the style requirements of modern architecture. Technically, WICTEC 60 NG is equally impressive with incredible waterproofing and sound insulation properties. And only requires minimal additions to meet the highest demands of burglary and fire protection plus bulletproof resistance.

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Aluminium systems that work for people and the planet.


Specifying NEW GENERATION products is a true investment in the longevity and ease of upgrade in your buildings and projects. Working together, strong partnerships solve complex challenges project-by-project and architectural visions can become reality - shaping the future of urban landscapes through sustainable and resilient structures that profit both people and the environment.

Creating visual consistency across structures, NEW GENERATION products are available to use with one another in perfect collaboration whilst also allowing you to build to an incredibly high standard of quality and design.

The sustainability features of NEW GENERATION products help to meet the ever-evolving demands of urban design by reducing a building’s CO2 footprint. The technical performance, helps to reduce costs for building owners and occupants through increased thermal and energy efficiency – working towards an eco-friendlier world. Together.



Designed with the fabrication, manufacturing and installation process in mind, all NEW GENERATION products are developed using the WICONA Unisys principle.

For fabricators, this means a platform-designed, modular range where standardised individual parts can be used across all WICONA façade, window and door series - simplifying specification and detailing, minimising time, components and cost, and ensuring WICONA constructions are safer and quicker to install.



The demand for products that are focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness increases constantly, and society is taking a much keener interest in the products used within construction. Resources are finite, and to protect raw material consumption, the use of recycled materials and ensuring products are recyclable, is crucial for long-term sustainability.

Responsibly designed, NEW GENERATION products consider the whole lifecycle of a building and go beyond world-class low-carbon aluminium - always striving for circularity by improving the recycled and recyclable content to build toward a better, more sustainable society.

Right now, NEW GENERATION products consist of at least 75% recycled and 95% recyclable content. However, by 2030, the aim is to increase this to 80% recycled and 100% recyclable content.

Setting sustainable standards towards circularity

Use recycled and recyclable materials

Disassembled and sorted easily

Reuse materials for the same purpose as in their first lifecycle

Part of a responsible supply chain and certified by external organisations


Investing in a planned programme of product development, our WICTEC, WICTYLE and WICLINE ranges will be adapted to the NEW GENERATION modular, more sustainable format so that all of our products will consist of 75% recycled and 95% recyclable content. By 2030, the aim is to increase this to 80% recycled and 100% recyclable content.

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Together we approach and set standards towards a circular economy. The adaption of all our products to a new generation is one of many steps in our strategy.


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