Meet all visual requirements

Modern urban architecture thrives on attractive building shapes and colours. Designing the city of the future also means setting accents with colours, emphasising the individual design of the building, creating contrasts to the built environment or suitably support a harmonious appearance. WICONA offers optimum conditions for these requirements: a range of 25 exclusive colours for profile coating. This means that almost all visual requirements can be met and at the same time the specific properties of aluminium façades, windows and doors can be emphasised.

Colour follow function

This modified saying of architects stands for the special programme within the WICONA colour range. Here, the coatings not only take on an optical function, but also a technical one. Coatings with antibacterial and antiviral properties are available, which can be used, for example, in buildings used for medical purposes or in care facilities. Highly scratch-resistant coatings protect the façade profiles from mechanical influences. Other variants with solar-reflective properties help to significantly reduce the surface temperatures of sunlit surfaces

With this range of special colours, WICONA is addressing requirements such as those that will be encountered in the city of the future with solutions that make urban architecture a visual and functional experience for the residents.

Exclusive design colours

The WICONA colour concept was designed with the aim of ensuring that the subtle tones underline the architectural idea of the building, but do not dominate it. Examples of this successful combination can be found in countless WICONA projects worldwide.


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