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Beyond company

We go beyond our company to see the bigger picture.

Build beyond tomorrow
Build beyond tomorrow

We go beyond our company by contributing to create a fair society and a circular market together with our customers, suppliers and non-governmental organisations. In addition, WICONA is committed to empower 10,000 people with education and skills by 2025.


We take responsibility to have a positive influence on the market and involve our customers in our sustainability journey. By collecting post- and pre-consumer scrap from our customers, we are able to deliver recycled low-carbon aluminium with one of the lowest carbon footprints worldwide. To acknowledge our customers’ interest using sustainable, low-carbon products, we award them with Hydro CIRCAL awards. The award shows their contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions and therefore, their contribution to build sustainable cities.


In our value chain, we work together with suppliers, who share the same values, such as high standards for working conditions and the use of mate­rials without hazardous components. We prohibit modern slavery, forced labor and child labor abuse; we respect the principles of freedom of association and collective bargaining; we are committed to freedom from discrimination and harassment, as well as providing decent working conditions, rights to privacy, health and safety.

Therefore, we conduct frequent human rights impact assessments, ensure that our business practices are implemented with consideration of the impacts on people and maintain responsible working conditions in the supply chain. In addition, all of our sites are ASI Performance Standard certified and have achieved the Gold level for Social Fairness from Cradle to Cradle Certified. We also let our partners sign our Code of Conduct to make sure that our values are respected.


WICONA is committed to empower 10,000 people with education and skills by 2025, as a positive impact on our community is crucial when it comes to being truly sus­tainable. To support the development of local communities we’re sponsoring programs, leading presentations and courses at schools and supporting the construction of educational build­ings. That’s why WICONA has decided to cooperate with the Non-Governmental Organisations like UNICEF and WEbuild­ing.

WEbuilding partnership

A positive impact on local communities is crucial when it comes to being truly sustainable. That’s why WICONA has decided to cooperate with the Non-Governmental Organisation WEbuilding, an international group of architects. Hand in hand, we want to ensure that children have sustainable access to education where they are needed most.

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Build beyond tomorrow

We believe that to be truly sustainable, we must look to a world beyond four walls and work to make it a reality – starting today. That´s why we go beyond simply world-class low-carbon materials, to run every part of our business as sustainably as possible.

WICONA has a holistic approach to sustainability and act within 3 main areas:

Build beyond tomorrow


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