WICSTYLE Emergency exit

In panic situations the safety and evacuation of people in the building are the main concern. In Europe uniform standards for emergency exit door fittings are applicable. Within the meaning of these standards, emergency exit door systems are subdivided in emergency exit devices according to EN 179, and panic door exit devices according to EN 1125. Emergency exits acc. to EN 179 are designated to buildings to which the general public does not have access and whose visitors understand the function of the emergency doors. Panic door exit devices acc. to EN 1125 are used in public buildings where the visitors are not familiar with the function of emergency doors, like schools, hospitals, shopping malls. WICSTYLE door systems offer a comprehensive range of applications, which can also be combined with other functions and design options.

Technical performance

Profile technology

  • Doors in accordance with EN 179 (emergency exit devices) or with EN 1125 (panic exit devices)
  • Many system options for the emergency application, allowing for a unified door design within the building, irrespective of additional functions
  • Single or double leaf possible
  • Combination with burglar resistance in classes RC1, RC2 and RC3 possible
  • Execution in combination with fire protection in classes T30 and T60 and in combination with smoke control possible (national regulations must be respected)

WICSTYLE systems for exit doors according to EN 179 (emergency exit device) and according to EN 1125 (panic exit device)

  • WICSTYLE 65 evo hinged door
  • WICSTYLE 75 evo hinged door
  • WICSTYLE evo finger protection door
  • WICSTYLE 65N non-insulated
  • WICSTYLE 77FP fire protection door


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