WICTEC Modul air

Façades, solar shading devices, dry air system, manufacture and installation by certified WICONA partners, guarantee, maintenance and 24/7 service – all from one source. All components optimally coordinated and long-term tested ensuring top functionality and safety with low operating and maintenance costs.

A complete package solution for you


WICTEC Modul air is a sealed double-skin façade whose cavity is not connected to the indoor climate or outside weather and is constantly flushed with dry air.

Solar shading

WICTEC Modul air uses only systems which are certified and have been tested for operational reliability over a long period. Thanks to being protected in the cavity, the solar shading device can be used at any time irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions. There is no need at all for cleaning the solar shading devices. The drives are located outside the cavity and are easily accessible from the room. This significantly reduces the level of maintenance.

Dry air system

The constant flushing with dry air via a central low-maintenance dry air system creates an almost clean-room environment in the cavity. This avoids any visible condensation or soiling. Cleaning the cavity of the associated glass surface is no longer necessary, cleaning costs are reduced to a minimum.

Manufacture and installation

The professional manufacture and installation of WICTEC Modul air façade units is carried out solely by trained and certified WICTEC Modul air partners.

Our guarantee

10 year guarantee on the dry air system and solar shading devices with the WICONA maintenance contract.

Dry air system and solar shading

  • Maintenance agreement with annual service for WICONA dry air system from year 1
  • Maintenance agreement with annual service for WICONA solar shading from year 1
WICONA dry air system
WICONA solar shading
The maintenance agreement for the WICONA dry air system includes maintenance, inspection, service, preventative maintenance and repairs to the dry air system. Long-lasting reliability is a quality feature of the WICTEC Modul air system. If the dry air flushing system develops a fault, our 24/7 service specialists will be on site: repairs will be carried out within the shortest time, 7 days a week.
The maintenance agreement for the WICONA solar shading devices includes maintenance, repair and the replacement of individual solar shading devices if required, plus visual inspections and operational checks. During maintenance, the end stops of the solar shading devices are readjusted and positioned as necessary.

Calculations, tests and approvals

  • Light, solar and thermal verifications according to EN 410, EN 673, EN ISO 52022-3, EN 12898:2019, DIN EN ISO 12631:2018-01 and DIN EN ISO 10077-2:2018-01
  • Airborne sound insulation according to EN ISO 717-1:2013, EN ISO 10140-1:2016 and EN ISO 10140-2:2010
  • Determination of the mechanical durability with integrated solar shading systems (20,000 cycles) based on ift guideline VE-07/3 and DIN EN 1279-4:2018-10
  • Fogging precipitation according to DIN 75201:2011-11, DIN EN 1279-6:2021-05 and on an entire WICTEC Modul air facade element based on ift guideline VE-07/3


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