WICTOP is a three-dimensional design software application for specialist metalwork businesses and designers. Perfect for preparing technical criteria for orders, price calculations, handling work preparation, controlling metalwork manufacturing, issuing technical and normative statements and managing orders.

Software overview

The WICTOP software package was developed in collaboration with WICONA customers. The result is a software solution that provides you with maximum support in all processes ranging from planning and calculation to ordering and activation of inventory management systems right through to the production of WICONA designs. 

The software combines all of the essential features, from the 3D processing of the project to technical drawings right through to the provision of required U values, whose method of calculation is validated by ift Rosenheim. Regular data updates via the internet ensure that the system software is always kept up to date and enable you to be safe and working with current data. However, should you have any questions when using WICTOP, you will be able to receive help via our hotline and your WICTOP consultant will be able to help you in a quick and competent manner with his/her technical knowledge and expertise.


  • System software featuring data that is updated on a regular basis
  • Method used to calculate U values validated by ift Rosenheim
  • Support in order to make your production processes more efficient, to simplify your planning procedures and in order to enable you to source materials in a realistic manner with cost transparency

Service and Support

  • Call the Hotline (free of charge): 00800 55 18 18 55 (Monday to Thursday from 07:00 until 16:30 and Friday 07:00 to 15:30)
  • Write an email to support.wictop@hydro.com


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