Ventilation flap

WICLINE ventilation flap – modern design combined with natural ventilation

With its one-piece, thermally insulated aluminium ventilation flap, WICONA is the first systems company to achieve a modern façade design with high levels of ventilation using a slim vent. This allows WICLINE to combine a contemporary design with natural ventilation - flexible, user-friendly and economical.

Technical performance:


  • Sash widths from 170 to 330 mm, Standard dimensions 180 and 250 mm
  • Max. sash formats (W x H): 180 mm x 3 000 mm or 250 mm x 3 000 mm
  • Fast and economical adjustment of the sash width in the object
  • Narrowest possible shadow gap between sash and frame - only 6 mm as in standard WICONA windows
  • 3 m sash height including burglar resistance up to RC2
  • Simple and efficient processing exclusively with 90° cutting saw or notch cuts
  • Comprehensive system testing according to DIN 14351-1 verifies the high quality of the system technology

Thermal insulation:

  • Uf values below 1.2 W/(m²K)


  • High quality system fittings with Direct Positioning System (DPS). Components can be assembled in any order, optionally:
    - Surface-mounted hinges, colour coated or anodised
    - Concealed hinges with integrated end-position stops
  • Sash weights: 80 kg
  • Optionally with opening limiter
  • Burglar resistance RC1N, RC2N and RC2

Concealed motor integration:

  • 90° opening allowing for maximum ventilation
  • Low-maintenance and tamper-proof
  • Adjustable opening angle
  • Control via ventilation switches, remote control or building management system
  • Concealed emergency release
  • No motor chains protruding into the opening area

System test results / CE product pass in accordance with DIN EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010

Air permeability: Class 4
Watertightness: Class 9A
Resistance to wind load: Class C5 / B5
Sound insulation: Until 42 dB
Burglar resistance: RC1N, RC2N, RC2

Compatible with the window series WICLINE 75 and façade series WICTEC.

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