others regulations and certifications

Others regulations and certifications

New norms and constraints for carbon neutrality from the European and international level.

Beyond materials
Beyond materials

The sustainability factor of a building is today an assessment criteria for purchasers, lessees and investors. This is expressed by the growing number of certificates for buildings, which evaluate sustainability according to set criteria. Below are some examples:

  • DGNB seal of quality (German Sustainable Building Council)

This calls for integral planning plus the setting of sustainability goals and takes ecological and economic factors into consideration.
To know more: The DGNB System | DGNB System (dgnb-system.de)

  • Passive house certificate

Limits annual heating demand to 15 kW/h per m² of living area, so that a building can be heated exclusively by passive energy sources and needs no active heating system. To this end, the Passive House Institute requires a Uw value of ≤ 0.8 W/(m2K) for windows and glass façades.
To know more: Passivhaus Institut (passivehouse.com)

  • Minergie standard (Switzerland)

Assesses sustainability on the basis of set energy indicators for buildings, amongst other things. The Minergie label for windows, for example, is granted when a double casement window achieves the demanding insulation value of Uw=1.0 W/(m2K).
To know more: Home - MINERGIE Schweiz

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a third-party certification program. It is a nationally accepted organization for design, operation and construction of high-performance green buildings. This ensures the buildings are environmentally compatible, provide a healthy work environment and are profitable.
To know more: LEED rating system | U.S. Green Building Council (usgbc.org)

  • Zero Energy Building

A zero-energy building, also known as a zero-net energy (ZNE) building, is a popular term to describe a building use with zero net energy consumption and zero carbon emissions annually.
To know more: The path to zero energy buildings | U.S. Green Building Council (usgbc.org)

WICONA has the right solutions for sustainable building

Sustainability - signed and sealed: our aluminium profile constructions impressively fulfill the demanding criteria of all the above-mentioned building certificates and have therefore contributed substantially to the certification of the buildings indicated here. WICONA took on a leading role in this field many years ago and can now draw upon decades of research and development. Thanks to this, you have a broad portfolio of products and services at your fingertips, so that you too can design your property in a more sustainable, future-oriented manner.

Certificated WICONA products:

  • ift passivehouse facade

  • ift passivehouse window

Beyond materials

Reducing buildings operational emissions through high performance and circular products.

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