epd environmental product declaration

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An EPD is an independently third party-verified document that communicates precise, transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impacts of a product.

A scientific certification

To have more transparency in the building industry, the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a crucial tool. An EPD is a third-party verified and internationally recognised report that provides comprehensive, transparent and trustworthy information on the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle. Useful for many different applications, including public procurement and green building rating schemes, like BREEAM, LEED and DGNB.

A scientific certification

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) breaks down the product and assesses its environmental performance for the entire life cycle. There are 5 different stages which compose the lifecycle of the product. For a human, it would be like dividing their life into several stages: birth, childhood, teen years, adulthood, end of life.

Besides the use stage, the product stage (materials and production) has one of the highest impacts on the total CO2 footprint of a building. So, if you increase the proportion of sustainable and durable materials in your product, you can reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Turn theory into practice

With our software WICTOP, you can assess the environmental impact regardless of the size of your project - a whole building or a single system. Because our EPDs are dynamic and integrated into our quotation software, we know exactly which materials are used in all our products and their actual impacts, as we work in close collaboration with our entire supply chain, rather than using generic data. Therefore, you get a highly customised EPD that will provide you a competitive advantage.

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