WICTIP App – Technology for ideas on your mobile devices

WICTIP is known for being WICONA’s technical information platform. At www.wictip.com, registered users can find the entire WICONA product documentation. 

A compact supplement to this comprehensive desktop version is now also available for mobile devices, providing the most important technical information: the new WICTIP App.

Smart, user-friendly and fast, the WICTIP App is a mobile database that offers you easy access to product documentation on the WICLINE, WICSTYLE, WICTEC, WICSLIDE and WICSOLAIRE systems from WICONA. Documents such as product range lists, workshop manuals and sectional drawings can be downloaded. The App contents are available in German, English, French and Italian.
The WICTIP App is available via the App Store and Google Play, with free download. Register yourself to receive your personal access to the up-to-date WICONA product documentation. Do you already have a WICTIP account? Then just use your existing login data.

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