Augmented Reality - Cre:ate cards

Discover WICONA products in three-dimensional space and high-quality!


WICONA and Heinze (the leading building portal for product information, manufacturer data, company profiles and architectural objects) have worked together on a unique opportunity to bring customers closer to WICONA products. The WICONA Cre:ate cards are high-quality, large-format single cards with the latest technology. The cards enable a three-dimensional representation of the WICONA products through the HeinzeAR-App (WICTEC 50 evo, WICLINE 115 AFS, WICLINE 75 MAX, and WICSLIDE 75FD are currently available).

The visual representation of the product is zoomable, rotatable and visible from all sides. Details can be highlighted and - depending on product characteristics and data volume - our product can then be placed in a real environment.

The WICONA - Cre:ate cards will be linked with all functionalities and contents in the Heinze platform On this homepage you can find more information about the product portfolio of WICONA.

WICONA Cre:ate cards can be ordered directly on the platform: Take this opportunity to look at the WICONA products from a different angle.

WICONA wishes you lots of fun and inspiration while discovering our products!




WICTEC 50 evo


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