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Data protection

The protection of your private sphere when processing personal data is an important concern for us. According to the German Teleservices Data Protection Act "Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz" (TDDSG) and the German Data Protection Act "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz" (BDSG), we always strive to protect against misuse any data you provide to us knowingly or unknowingly.

Some of the data collected during the visit of this website is used for statistical analysis. The extent of the data is described in the following. The data is passed on to our web-analysis technology provider Google Analytics only.

Web tracking

WICONA uses the services of Google Analytics in order to collect statistical data on the use of our website and to optimise our website accordingly.

This certification has been based on the:

  • catalogue of data privacy requirements – V1.2,
  • legal requirements regarding data privacy,
  • principles of IT security for the current state-of-the-art on the basis of the IT protection according to BSI and ISO 27000,
  • test report TR00610.

Data collected for web tracking

During your visit to our website, your browser transmits data which is collected for our internal analysis. The collection of internet user data occurs with via a pixel method that is built into each of the pages of our website. The following data is collected:

  • Request (file name of the requested file) (for example,
  • Browser type and its version (for example, Internet Explorer 6.0)
  • Browser language (for example, German)
  • Operating system (for example, Window
  • Screen resolution
  • JavaScript activated: Java on / off
  • Cookies on / off
  • Colour depth
  • Referrer URL (the previously visited page)
  • Shortened IP address for geographical analysis to the city level
  • Timestamp
  • Clicks
  • Form content: Free text fields such as name and password are tracked as “completed” or “empty”.

Identification data

In case possible identification data (e.g. your IP address) have to be stored on our web servers for technical reasons, WICONA ensures that these data are used for statistical purposes only and only in aggregated and anonymous form.

To the extent to which you provide us data other than name and address, e.g. when you request information material, these data will only be used for the specific purpose for which you communicated them to us.

Any data you provide in response to a survey would be used solely for statistical purposes and to create a general user profile. Your details are not kept and cannot be accessed by third parties. The surveys are important in order to enable us to improve the web site and the products on offer.

Of course, these data will not be passed on to third parties.


To the extent to which we provide links to third party web sites, this is done by opening another browser window on your computer. Your IP address as well as the requested URL address (i.e. the address of the requested web site) will be provided to you. The further use of these data on third party web sites is unknown to us. However, we only establish links to providers we consider trustworthy.

Of course, the warranties of our privacy statement shall not apply to third party web sites.


Our cookies are very small files stored on your computer for the duration of the browser session. They only serve the purpose of distinguishing your computer from those of other users accessing our web sites at the same time.

These cookies do not cause any harm to the internet users’ hard drive. They help our product to be more user-friendly and effective. The cookies cannot be associated with individual people and do not contain any personal data. This data is not combined with other data sources. Most of the cookies used by us are so-called session cookies which are deleted when you close your browser session. Besides these cookies, there are some persistent cookies which we use to recognise you as visitor.

WICONA uses the following cookies for web controlling:

  • Last click (used for session timeout; duration is one session)
  • Session cookie (used for session recognition; duration is one session)
  • Persistent cookie (used for the recognition of new and returning visitors; duration is 60 months / 5 years)

In your browser settings you can determine if cookies may be set or not. If you do not want to be tracked for this specific website, you can refuse to be tracked below.

Integration of services and content of third parties

It may occur that third-party content such as YouTube videos, maps from Google Maps, RSS-Feeds or graphics from other websites are integrated into this website. This always assumes that the providers of such content (hereinafter referred to as “third-party providers”) use the IP address of the users, as without the IP address they could not send the content to the browser of the user concerned. The IP address is thus necessary for the presenting of that content. We try to only use such content, where the providers of which only use the IP address for delivering the specific content. However, we have no control over whether the third-party providers store the IP address e.g. for statistical purposes. As far as this is known to us, we will inform the users accordingly.

SSL - Secure Socket Layer technology

SSL allows encrypted communication and/or document transmission between web browsers and web servers via the Internet. In certain special cases we use this encryption technology for the secured transfer of your data. In that case the URL (i.e. the address) of a web site with an SSL connection on your browser starts with https://.


If you send us an e-mail from your web site, your e-mail address will only be used for corresponding with you.

In case a provision of the aforementioned conditions of the privacy statement is invalid the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. The invalid provision shall be deemed superseded by a provision which most closely approximates the intent and economic effect of the invalid provision.

Disclaimer for data storage

According to the German Media Act §15 internet users may prohibit the future tracking and storage of their internet visit data. To be excluded from the tracking of the Webtrekk website a cookie called webtrekkOptOut will be set from the domain This refusal to be tracked is only valid so long as the webtrekk OptOut cookie is not deleted.

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