Working with Unitised Facades

The Design Process

  • Working with unitised facades is different to conventional stick-system curtain walling, and requires and change of approach. For a successful project that maximises the benefits of unitised curtain walling, it's critical that the building is designed around the facade
  • Involve the facade specialist at the earliest stage possible to design the building structure to accommodate the unitised facade and its allowable tolerances
  • Ensure the design concept is suitable for unitisation. By implementing flat, non-projecting facades without overhangs, the units will be hoisted into position allowing fast and efficient installation

Design Detailing

  • The structural integrity and built-in tolerances of the building frame are important to the success of the facade construction and should be specified at an early stage
  • Consideration of which material the unitised panels will be fixed to should be determined at the design stage
  • Determine the floor thickness and any possible deflections
  • Facade projects in excess of 3,000 sqm will achieve the best economies of scale but smaller fast track schemes or developments with constrained sites where access is restricted can also be accommodated

Managing the Project

  • Schedule for increased lead times to allow for manufacturing 
  • Allow more time for bespoke schemes
  • Consider the entire facade cost and include the advantages of reduced site time, removing the need for scaffolding and earlier fitting out, completion and occupation when comparing unitised facades and traditional curtain walling systems
35XV, New York
35XV, New York


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