Valle View - the second building in a new unique developing project in Norway

Valle View - the second building in a new unique developing project in Norway

Photo: Trond Joelsson, Byggeindustrien

The developer of the project had a vision – to make Valle an attractive part of Helsfyr. But what makes a location attractive? A locations attractiveness could be determined by the locations ability to attract, maintain and create business and investments. Valle View is the second property of the developing projects at Valle.

Valle View is, as Valle Wood, certified with BREEAM-NOR Excellent for its contribution to a better environment and as an investment for the location. The developing project includes 60 000 square meters offices and consists out of 3 buildings in total (Valle Wood, Valle View, Valle Vision). The properties are strategically located close to subway, airport busses and major roads. Valle View is a 13 story building, and is designed to create a shield towards the heavy traffic just beside the buildings. Compared to Valle Wood, Valle View is therefore much taller and will almost function like a sort of protection of the smaller Valle Wood building. The buildings will be connected through a common garage, but other than that they are separated. Although you can spot the different characters between the properties, the design is showing that the buildings belong together. Valle View is three dimensional, not only for the function of stoping the wind, but also to let the metal surfaces catch the light in the most different ways.

WICONA-products are delivered by UPB Aile
Location: Oslo
Project type: Office building
Areal: 22.000 square meters + basement 5.000 square meters
Investor: NCC Property Development
Contractor: NCC Building Nordic
Architect: Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter
Photo: Trond Joelsson, Byggeindustrien


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