Com@lu is an internet portal by WICONA that enables users to enter and manage online orders. With this platform you can access all the information about your open and completed orders 24/7.

Portal overview

  • Online (using Com@lu) orders from WICTOP imported automatically
  • Order planning (plan in WICTOP when the order should be sent)
  • Order entry using Excel
  • Manual order entry
  • 24/7 information for order tracking 
  • Detailed statement of completed orders and orders in hand (quantities, references, colours, delivery notes)
  • Simple order management
  • Clear display of outstanding financial amounts
  • Annual and special discounts

Software brochure

Com@lu Tutorial

Service and support

You have a question? Please contact the Com@lu Support:

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If you do not have access to Com@lu, please contact us and specify your request in the contact form. You will then be contacted by our support team.


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