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Materials for supertall buildings

If you feel like the whole world is moving into cities, you would not be entirely wrong, because more than 70 percent of the global population is expected to be living in urban areas by 2050. We need to meet this trend by being able to provide the suitable and economical technologies to build taller buildings.

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Why unitized element facades of aluminium work well on wooden buildings

More buildings of solid wood are being erected, primarily in Scandinavia and parts of Central Europe. Starting with smaller homes, kindergartens and schools, now we see commercial buildings with their entire support structures in solid wood. Even high-rises, like the 80-meter-high tower, Mjøstårnet, in Norway. Can we use unitized element facades of aluminium on such buildings?

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KAUNO DOKAS – Eco-friendly business center using unitized glass facades

Green building philosophy and eco-friendly working area, this is what Kauno Dokas symbolize with its spectacular view in front of the river bank of Neris. The building covered by glazed bespoke facades is Kaunas first and, so far, only Class A+ business center.  WICONA has supplied both facades, windows and doors.

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