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Solna Simhall is an exciting result of an unconventional construction project. Two very different premises, a public bath and an office, were combined and the result is a new modern building. With the bath's high windows on the ground floor and an office that seems to float above, it really shows how good collaboration and good design can lift a building.

Photographer: Anders Bobert

Directly adjacent to Arenastaden is Solna's new swimming pool, which, together with the nearby ice rinks and sports field, will create an exercise and sports centre for the residents of Solna. The building, which houses both a swimming pool and offices, will be a natural meeting place for residents, and with its location by the railway, it will be a clear showcase for travellers passing by.

In the lower part of the building is the new, modern bathhouse with all the amenities one could wish for, including a teaching pool, ten swimming lanes and a children's pool. The center also includes a height-adjustable multi-pool. All this creates a good and wide range of activities.

On the upper level, however, you will find office space that seems to float on top of the swimming pool roof. It is an impressive sight and shows how you can take two completely different buildings and functions and combine them into one. Charlie Bergandhal from Scandifront explains what a challenge this was: "The facades around the entire building and the one facing the pool have been joined together with other, new facade parts from another contractor, so there were challenges in terms of project and planning. Technical solutions also had to be developed due to the high requirements for vapour barriers and other requirements that bathhouses have. But it was very instructive, and we are very pleased with how the project was completed."

Photographer: Anders Bobert

A new type of building

The concept itself is called three-dimensional property formation. Johan Jansen, the responsible architect, explains how the idea came about:

"It was a long process where many options were developed from the beginning. But we started testing the idea of co-location and it became a kind of invention, you could say. It hasn't been done before, dividing a building into two parts in this way. Once the idea has been hatched, we have also created very high challenges. The building is above all technically demanding. Combining both an office and a swimming pool where each part has such different requirements, including spans on the frame, that the swimming pool has its own density requirements and the like."

Inside, you are greeted by a mixture of wood and brick, which also interact in an elegant way and give both the exterior and interior a wonderful character and a welcoming feeling. "It was extremely complex and demanding in terms of technical implementation with large glass panes, especially in the pool area. The glulam frame that sits there is covered with facade system profiles, which in turn ar

In addition to swimming pools, the swimming center also offers a sauna with fresh and modern changing rooms.

The large windows are not just for visibility, but also play an important role in increasing well-being and comfort. You can really imagine lying in the pool one afternoon, slowly bobbing along and looking up at the façade's large windows and being greeted by a beautiful sunset that shines in and lets the entire swimming pool bathe in light.

Allowing two completely different activities to be built together and utilize common areas is an exciting idea and something that is completely in line with a future where communities and cities are growing and the need for space is only increasing. Solna Simhall is an excellent example of how creative solutions and thoughtful design can be used to create a property that not only fulfils many functions, but also does so in an attractive way.

Johan Jansen himself believes that this is something we will only see more of: In one form or another, I think it will continue, with more buildings using three-dimensional property formation in the future.

Wicona-customer: Scandifront

Wicona-product: WICTEC 60

Architect: AIX

Photographer: Anders Bobert


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