Outstanding views and architectural elegance, works perfectly together on the new - Quality Hotel Match


After many years of planning and speed bumps along the way, have the new Quality Hotel Match finally opened in Jönköping. Here, all hotel rooms have an outstanding view of the lake Vättern, regardless of the floor and location. With its architectural elegance, old and new are tied together through a brick foundation and glass façade. The hotel is located in the industrial match area, which has been given new life and connection to the city through the hotel's design.

With its 18 floors, 229 hotel rooms, 10 meeting rooms, restaurant, bar and gym, the new Quality Hotel Match is now in place in Jönköping. The hotel has an area of totally 12,300 square meters, where the height extends to 60 meters up to the sky, which gives a remarkable view. Located in the industrial match area, the hotel was tasked to combine the more modern city center with the existing industrial architecture. Here the old and new are tied together in a harmonious and innovative way. 

In the spring of 2015, Skanska and Enter Arkitektur cooperatively won the developer competition for the new hotel that would be located in the historic industrial area. 

It was fun to win the competition together with Skanska. It's been a while since we won it, but we've learned so much over the years, it's the first time we've done a house with 18 floors
Ulrika Cedwin CEO of Enter Arkitektur

During the planning phase, questions were asked about how to best shape these two different neighborhoods and how they should work together. Enter Arkitektur managed to find a smart and stylish architectural solution to this. 

We wanted to bring the industrial area closer to the city and create a passage that leads to the area. We did this through a wide and large staircase that can easily be accessed through the hotel. The ground floor bricks are chosen in a color and texture to tie the building together with the industrial area. The brick façade is later mounted with glazed slits, which creates transparency towards the public street and the location. The glass volume is connected to the city although with a more modern touch. The ambition was to link the city center with the industrial match area, to let the building become a generator for the city life
Ulrika Cedwin CEO of Enter Arkitektur


The hotel has a belt on the second floor that separates the brick foundation from the glass façade and thanks to a continuous corridor on all floors, the two different glass parts of the hotel have been elegantly separated. The glass façade facing the industrial area has a similar brick red color, while the other side has a black glass façade facing the city. 

The glass façade is denser at the lower part of the hotel and the further up you look at the building, the façade becomes increasingly more transparent, which creates a wider view towards the city and the lake. This gives a vague impression of a gradient gradually moving towards the sky. 

  • -The window band was very important as it runs all the way around the hotel. This means that ALL rooms, regardless of where they are located, have a view of Vättern. The rooms at the top of the hotel have transparency and get a fantastic view thanks to the clear glass, says Ulrika. 


Furthermore, has sustainability been a priority for this project, where a lot of work has been done with the material selection. Quality Hotel Match has therefore made an application to LEED Sweden where they are expected to end up at the second highest level – Gold.

Through UPB, WICONA has delivered 4600m2 of unitized façade and 646m2 of stick façades to the project. The aluminum profiles are integrated with laminated glass AGC Stopsol Supersilver Grey coating in two different colors. On the first two floors, the stick façade has been mounted between the brick wall, where the glass structure has triple glass units with SNX60 HT solar protection glass. Likewise, the façade maintains high noise requirements between the hotel rooms (RW + Ctr = 53dB), which creates a calm and stimulating environment where the noise is blocked out for the hotel guests. 

The future of Quality Hotel Match  

Quality Hotel Match has the best view in the whole city, but the construction has not always been a bed of roses. There have been many speed bumps along the way where the construction has been delayed for several reasons. Cracks on nearby buildings and sulfur residues from the old match factory which created small explosions, but after many years it now stands finished at Vättern's most southern point and has become a new landmark for Jönköping. 

  • -It's fun to see the result after so many years since we won the project, it makes us so happy. But the best thing, apart from the actual completion of the hotel, was probably the sneak peek opening that was held about a week before the grand opening of the hotel. To meet everyone that was involved in the project and celebrate it together, says Ulrika. 


What do you think the hotel will bring to the city? 

  • -I think the hotel will open up the path between the center and the industrial match area, which will add a lot to the city. Hotels are needed in Jönköping, especially considering Elmia, where many events and fairs are held, but also attract others to come to Jönköping to visit the city, finishes Ulrika. 




Architect: Enter Arkitektur AB 

Developer: Skanska 

Photographer: Anders Bobert 


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