Mary Elizabeths Hospital – a hospital created for children, teenagers and pregnant young women


Rendering: 3XN 

The word PLAY echoes throughout the building - which is created for children, teenagers, pregnant women and their families. The hospital is called Mary Elisabeth Hospital and is located in Copenhagen. A healing architecture and playfulness have laid the foundation for the hospital's design. Green oases stretch out into the fingertips, while the palm is a place for socializing. 

After Her Royal Highness, the previously named BørneRiget for children, teenager, pregnant women and their families has been given the new name Mary Elisabeths Hospital. With its unique appearance, the new hospital will accommodate 900 patients and 1 200 doctors, nurses and other staff.

The design of the building is based on a healing architecture, where the focus has been on children's accessibility to socialize and live through play and creativity - even though they are sick. The architect's design contribution to the project was called "Playfully Logical", which imitates two hands stretching their "fingers" into the light, into the city and into the green. The "hands" grasp each other and symbolize the different aspects of pediatric care. 


Lounge areas for the family and green oases in the patient rooms 

The hands are implemented throughout the building as a key point for the public space. Here you can find lounge areas for the whole family and common areas for playful games that is constitutes in the "wrist". 

The "fingers" stretch out towards their surroundings and open up the building in a welcoming way towards the city. At the end of each finger, the rooms have rounded corners, here are winter gardens that extend to the second floor and develop into different green oases to meet the needs of the patients. The gardens are facing the hospital's surroundings, which with a beautiful transparent façade encloses the rooms from head to toe. You can also find well-coordinated patient rooms here that has a playfully designed in order to stimulate the children. The fingers are designed to have minimal walking distance to the individual bays (gardens) with a maximum distance of 20 meters - as in an ordinary house. 

Modern hospital experience 

The hospital will become a landmark in Copenhagen with its original appearance and playful design. The building meets many requirements and ensures a safe environment for children, teenager and their families, while at the same time being clinically effective for the medical staff. Children will not stop playing even if they have fallen ill, which is something Mary Elisabeth's Hospital will encourage. 

The hospital is planned to open in 2024 and will include: 

  • 176 beds for children and adolescents 
  • 43 beds for adults 
  • 15 operating rooms 
  • 14 delivery rooms 
  • 50 pre- and post operative beds 
  • 18 day hospital beds for children and adolescents 
  • 57 ambulatory rooms for children and adolescents 
  • 30 ambulatory rooms for adults 
  • 1 diagnostic centre with nuclear diagnostics 


WICONA-Partner: SIA Aile Grupa / Laudobelis, Gundars 
WICONA-products: Wictec El Evo 
Architects: 3XN  
Rendering: 3XN 


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