Innovationsbogen – A new dimension of sustainability

The "Innovationsbogen" (innovation arch) in Augsburg realised as the world's first project with a façade solution made of 100% end-of-life aluminium

Located at the entrance to the new innovation park, the building designed by Hadi Teherani Architects (Hamburg) provides inspiration with its unique arch-shaped architecture and forward-looking sustainability – the aim is to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The world's first façade made of 100% end-of-life aluminium from WICONA also makes a decisive contribution to this.

Most innovative office building in the region

The "Innovationsbogen" in Augsburg is one of the most impressive new construction projects in the region and, according to the developer Walter Beteiligungen und Immobilien AG, is set to become the most modern and innovative office building in the city. The high-tech project designed by Hadi Teherani already bears this claim in its name. The 145-metre long and arch- shaped building is located at the southern gate of the new innovation park and lies directly at the interface of the university, research and development and technology companies. With a total area of 14,800 square metres, the "Innovationsbogen" there rises out of the landscape – a flowering meadow.

Dr Christian Bergmann, Partner and Project Manager at Hadi Teherani, explains: "We take the landscape, so to speak, and run it once over the roof. That's how this relatively simple idea came about, to develop an elongated building with six floors at the highest point from east to west as a semicircle." In addition to office space, the new building offers, among other things, spacious terraces and a modern cafeteria on the ground floor as well as balcony areas on each floor.

Holistically thought-out building services concept

Sustainability is the central guiding idea of the "Innovationsbogen". This is demonstrated by a harmonious embedding in the green landscape as well as maximum flexibility in the design of the floor plans. Depending on the requirements, both classic cellular offices and open-space areas can be achieved.

Another key component is the advanced energy concept. A 99 kWp photovoltaic system mounted on the roof produces electricity for the building services. The building's air conditioning will be provided by special heating and cooling sails. In addition, the planners are working with district heating and the cooling energy of groundwater. The large-scale green roofs provide cooling in summer, store water and favour biodiversity in the city. Last but not least, 75 e- charging stations in the underground car park and 220 bicycle parking spaces ensure flexible and future-oriented mobility.

World premiere: Façade solution with minimal CO2 footprint

The façade of the "Innovationsbogen" also makes a significant contribution to sustainability. This is realised with a project-specific special construction of the WICTEC EL evo element façade from WICONA. To produce the façade elements – which have an integrated sun pro- tection guide and a baffle plate as fall protection – the aluminium alloy Hydro CIRCAL 100R made of 100% end-of-life aluminium is used for the first time worldwide. As a result, the CO2 footprint is less than 0.5 kg CO2/kg aluminium – the European average is 6.7 kg CO2 per kg aluminium. With the 85 tonnes of Hydro CIRCAL 100R used, this corresponds to a CO2 reduc- tion of 527 tonnes.

The special construction was designed in close cooperation with Hadi Teherani, PBI Entwick- lung Innovativer Fassaden GmbH (Wertingen), Schindler Fenster + Fassaden (Roding) and WICONA. Michael Schindler, Managing Director of the façade construction specialist, explains: "We are delighted to be involved in this industry-wide pioneering project. For us as façade builders, it is always of enormous importance that we create long-lasting products and produce them in a particularly careful manner." And the "Innovationsbogen" also offers another eye- catcher: For design reasons, three-dimensional pilaster strips are arranged in front of the fa- çade, which can be illuminated at night.

Sustainable façade architecture with 100% recycled end-of-life aluminium: Soon to be built reality at the "Innovationsbogen" in Augsburg.

Project: Innovationsbogen Location: Augsburg, Germany
Client: Walter Beteiligungen und Immobilien AG Architect: Hadi Teherani Architects
Fabricator: Schindler Fenster + Fassaden GmbH
Facade planner: PBI Entwicklung Innovativer Fassaden GmbH WICONA solutions: WICTEC EL evo façade (customised solution) Photography: MEDIASHOTS
Renderings: Hadi Teherani Architects, Panoptikon


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