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The healthcare buildings of tomorrow

One of the most challenging tasks in shaping our future is the creation of buildings that comply with building regulations and embrace ambitious architectural design and at the same time prioritise environmental responsibility. Discover how to create the healthcare buildings of tomorrow!

Healthcare environment
Healthcare environment

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Design the optimum healthcare environment

The strain that a growing and ageing population will have on healthcare services will be detrimental if buildings and facilities are not designed accordingly to deal with such an increase in demand. With a growing population, healthcare facilities must also change, not only in terms of size and scope, but also in terms of providing an environment that positively impacts patients and staff.

To fulfil the fundamental goal of healthcare facilities, improving the health of patients, certain requirements must be met. Therefore, the architecture and design of healthcare buildings should be a paramount consideration, and the materials that are used within these designs will prove crucial to creating effective, healthy and sustainable facilities. 

Discover in our HEALTH brochure all characteristics, which need to be fulfilled to create a healthy and healing environment in the healthcare buildings of tomorrow!

In 2050, the population will be 10.1 billion. The strain that a growing and ageing population will have on healthcare services will be detrimental if buildings and facilities are not designed accordingly to deal with such an increase in demand.

Building systems today for better healthcare tomorrow

Whether used in a façade for a landmark hospital development, a functional emergency entrance door system or windows that create architectural structure, WICONA systems combine the functional features required with the aesthetic capability to realise the design dreams of architects all over the world and most importantly, their clients. It’s not just about form and function. For building investors, profitability is also at the forefront of WICONA solutions. The most commonly used WICONA systems for hospital and healthcare facilities are featured in the HEALTH brochure.

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Hospitals, laboratories & more

WICONA offers a wide range of products, services and solutions to the healthcare industry, whether for private, public or government buildings, helping to create healthy and healing environments while utilising products and materials that benefit the environment. Download our brochure below to discover more healthcare references.


We, at WICONA, feel the responsibility to take care, considering the whole lifecycle of a building. Therefore, our product development focuses on using recycled content and making systems recyclable at end of life. Right now, WICONA uses low carbon, circular aluminium Hydro CIRCAL – produced with a minimum of 75% of recycled post-consumer scrap - with its systems also containing 95% recyclable content.

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From hospitals to research facilities, healthcare buildings are essential to the health of world´s population. Designing these structures require a delicate balance of technical requirements such as safety & security, hygiene, comfort, acoustic, accessibility to fulfill the needs of patients and staff. Discover our top products for façade, window and door systems for your next healthcare building project and feel inspired by our references in the healthcare sector.

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