WICTEC 50 是框架幕墙系统的基本版,具有极窄的室内外可视面宽度,其可视面宽度为 50 mm。 独特的灵活性被各种系统变体和增强选项所证明,所有这一切均可通过少量增加附件到系统且不影响外观的条件下实现。
CIRCAL on demand
CIRCAL on demand
CIRCAL on demand



系统测试结果/经DIN EN 13830 CE产品认证

Air permeability
Water tightness
Resistance to wind load
Sound insulation
Impact resistance
Burglar resistance
Bullet resistance
Quality assurance
Environmental management
等级 AE
RE 1200
2000 / –3200 Pa, security 3000 / –4800 Pa
Rw (C;Ctr) = 47 (–1; –4) dB
等级 E5 / I5
RC1N, RC2N, RC2, RC3
经ISO 9001:2008认证
经ISO 14001认证

Technical performance

System width:
Profile depth:
Thermal insulation:
Infill thickness:
Glass weight:
Polygon façade:
Roof pitch:
50 mm
50 mm to 260 mm
Uf value up to 0.65 W/(m²K)
3 mm to 63 mm
up to 6.0 kN
up to ±45° (per side = 90° angle)
up to 10°

System technology

  • Ideal for vertical and polygon façades, sloped glazing and spatial structures
  • Individual design possibilities, thanks to a wide range of aesthetic profiles
  • Alternative: Industrial design for the appearance of steel profiles
  • Reliable glass load transfer (up to 6.0 kN), with improved transom-joint technology
  • Overlapping and secure drainage at the cruciform, without mechanical mullion processing, ensures tried-and-tested impermeability
  • Consistent internal gasket appearance
  • Wide selection of structural profiles, with optional integral reinforcements, ensuring optimal performance
  • External glazing, with visible or concealed fixings
  • Extensive solutions for framework junctions and conservatories

Additional options in identical design and technical set-up

  • Passive house curtain wall (ift Rosenheim)
  • SG-design (integrated pressure profile)
  • Structural glazing curtain wall
  • Add-on curtain wall for steel and wood
  • Integrated sun protection
  • Fire protection curtain wall
  • Quick glazing
  • Straight cut
  • Heavy load system


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