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Educational buildings must facilitate the transfer of skills and improve the experience of teachers and students alike. According to an official study, there are around 76.2 million pupils and students enrolled in schools and pre-schools in the EU across all education levels (European Commission / Eurostat).

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Aluminium solutions
Aluminium solutions


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WICONA presents references related to education around the world! Together, with our customers and WICONA qualified experts, the best approach for every project is planned: taking account of criterias such as energy efficiency, sustainability, budget, construction physics and deadlines. 

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Education and architecture

One of the most challenging tasks in shaping our future is the creation of buildings which comply at the same time with ambitious architectural design and environmental responsibility. WICONA solutions lend to everything from small school buildings and modular student accommodation to entire campuses.

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Aluminium solutions

WICONA systems fulfil the characteristics for a perfect learning environment.


Personal security and building protection – school buildings need a solution approach which can be accomplished with aluminium systems in a holistic and compatible way. This is achieved by the WICONA series for windows, curtain walls and doors. Each of them can provide bullet resistance, in combination with other additional functions. The requirements for bullet resistance are achieved with various WICONA profile combinations, simply by addition of the standard construction with a special aluminium planking. Fire protection safety is one of the most critical technical characteristics in modern architecture. Top functionality is mandatory; individual design that matches the overall de-sign concept is desirable. To achieve this, WICONA offers a comprehensive product range including single and double fire protection doors, WICLINE fire protection windows and WICTEC fire protection curtain walls. These components are fully compatible with the WICONA standard profile systems.

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NATURAL LIGHT: Natural light is a vital prerequisite for creating an efficient learn-ing environment for students and teachers. It helps improve concentration and reduces fatigue. Optimising the entry of natural light contributes to teachers’ 

COMFORT: Classroom ventilation and temperature control are essential for creating an ideal studying environment. To ensure highest performances, WICONA has developed glazing solutions with outstanding thermal efficiency (U< 1). 

ACOUSTIC: WICONA´s acoustic insulation is very effective (>40 db) and meets the most stringent European standards. Our aluminium profile solutions exclude unwelcome noise and we tailor custom solutions to the specific needs of the project.

ACCESSIBILITY: When designing schools, architects need to find ways to facil-itate large circulation flows of students around the site. They also have to provide easy access for people with reduced mobility. 

SAFETY: Universities, schools and nurseries must provide consistently high levels of security and safety and must be designed to withstand the onslaught of literally thousands of personnel movements every day. 

CE MARKING: WICONA offers solutions for doors, windows and facades which conform to specified criteria for CE marking according to EN 14351-1 valid as of 1st February 2010. 

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Together, we have succeeded in creating a new image and a stimulating environment, by using innovative materials to give this whole part of the school a new identity, a fresh new look and a better use of the facilities.

High-quality recycled aluminium.

Using durable and recyclable materials with a low carbon footprint, will contribute to reducing global emissions and create products for a more circular economy. Hydro CIRCAL is a range of prime quality aluminium made with a minimum of 75% recycled, post-consumer scrap. Hydro CIRCAL has a carbon footprint among the lowest in the world: 2.3 kg CO2 per kilo of aluminium.

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At WICONA, we know the importance of local contacts and fast, efficient support in project planning and implementation. We also know that a global reference and knowledge base is invaluable in all phases of the construction process. WICONA combines both of these strengths. With our local presence, we make sure you always get the support you need for efficient, optimum planning. We will work together to design the perfect solution for your specific project, with regular meetings and a close dialogue !


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The support team has many years’ experience, and will support you through your project – with planning, technical drafts, calculations and drawings.