WICTEC EL evo – Element facade with patented joint gasket and drainage system


Hydro Building Systems presents a patented technical innovation: the new joint gasket for integrating relative slab deflections and the new drainage system for controlled water run-off.

Joint gasket absorbs slab edge deflections

The use of lighter and weaker primary building structures, together with increased building heights in recent times, means that the issue of relative slab deflections has become increasingly important.

During the façade planning process, slim sight lines remain a focus of many clients and architects. Deflections, in particular to slab structures, and the burdens associated with them, must however be absorbed and neutralized. With the well-known “tongue-and-groove principle” used as the most element facade structures, slim sight lines on buildings beyond certain heights and slab deflections dimensions were not possible. To resolve this area of conflict, WICONA presents a newly developed joint gasket. It enables relative slab deflections, from +10 mm to -10 mm, to be absorbed in a flexible seal cross-section. This technology allows architects and planners free rein in the design of the profile.

The patented seal compensates for anticipated slab deflections using an accordion principle.

Bespoke production of a joint gasket, tailored to the relevant construction project, is no longer necessary. So there are no additional lead times associated with new tools, and construction progresses more quickly. The flexibility offered by using the seal also offers corresponding advantages on costs.

Controlled run-off and discharge of moisture

The proven WICONA drainage system for element façades has also been further developed using the cascade principle. If rainfall occurs during installation, the ingress of water into the façade element is almost inevitable. In buildings with a high number of floors, there is a correspondingly large amount – too large to be able to discharge it without risk just at the foot of the façade. So that the façade contractor is on the safe side, WICONA has developed a patented guide piece for controlled run-off and discharge of moisture (water) during installation.

The guide piece is built into the façade element during production in the factory. In this way, the drainage point is seated in the element joint, thereby enabling risky drainage openings in the cross joint to be eliminated. This creates a theoretical water barrier of 200 mm high – a value not to be expected in practice, but as extra capacity for additional security for fabricators. Depending on the number of floors of the building, it is sufficient to design the horizon- tally constructed WICTEC EL evo elements with the guide piece every two or three floors.

System diversity, process security and optimum logistics

WICTEC EL evo can be designed as single, double and closed cavity façades. Possibilities include partitions with frames, with horizontal and vertical transoms and corner elements, as well as various infills, fixed glazing, panels, glazed panels and opening elements (windows).

Buildings of every size can now achieve quick and economical design combined with creative diversity and attractive appearance.

Further benefits of the WICTEC EL evo façade are the process security and the high quality standards due to large amounts of prefabrication in the factory, without the disruption of weather conditions. The “Just-in-time” delivery and installation of the prefabricated elements saves time and costs, and alleviates the cost of storage and logistics on site. The façade elements can be installed left to right and vice versa.

In addition to the innovation and installation benefits already described, WICTEC EL evo element façades also have some convincing performance characteristics:

Air permeability (AE (750 Pa)

Driving rain resistance: RE 1200 (static) and 250 Pa up to 750 Pa (dynamic)

Wind load resistance: +2.0 kN/m² / -3.2 kN/m²; increased wind resistance (safety): +3.0 kN/m² / -4.8 kN/m²

Impact resistance: Class I5/E5

WICONA offers project-specific advice and support to planners, architects and contractors for the new WICTEC EL evo element façades across the entire planning, system-specification and implementation process.

Read more here: https://www.wicona.com/en/baltics/products/facades-wictec/unitised-curtain-wall/wictec-el-evo/


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