WICONA aluminium systems combine flexibility with high performance at Park Avenue in Warsaw

WICONA aluminium systems combine flexibility with high performance at Park Avenue in Warsaw

The Park Avenue office building is a new landmark in the Warsaw cityscape. Its prestigious location, unique architectural design, LEED Gold certification and use of WICONA aluminium building systems make it one of the most appealing buildings in the capital.

Park Avenue is situated in one of the best locations in Warsaw. Creating a new building in this sought-after and exclusive part of the city called for a fresh approach to design and spatial development, and particularly the choice of structural solutions. The WICTEC 50 customized facade system from WICONA was selected to fit these requirements and adapted to meet the architect's vision for variations in the facade.

WICTEC 50 – tomorrow's facade system

Park Avenue has 15 floors above ground level and three basement floors, housing 12,500 m2 of modern office space, and an intelligent management system. The large windows provide plenty of daylight and natural ventilation, while the glazed facade insulates against noise. The use of modern materials contributes to the high standard of this energy-efficient building, which is a fine example of sustainable architecture
The WICTEC 50 system, and some parts in WICEC 60, that was used at Park Avenue combines good flexibility and performance, which enable energy efficiency, sound insulation and safety to be optimized. WICTEC has been tested to comply with the EN13830 standard for curtain walling.

Thanks to the wide range of profile types available, the system can easily be adapted to almost any architectural style. A special mullion/transom solution was used at Park Avenue to accommodate large deformations at floor intersections.

The most striking feature of the main facade are the projecting pilasters, which emphasize its vertical lines. These are made from profiles with a cross section of 100 x 450 mm (width x depth), which extend through the facade and conceal the tilting windows when they are open. This accentuates the uniformity of the facade. The gable facade has large areas of glazing that reflect the surroundings.

At the rear, the facade is a conventional mullion and transom facade system with narrow ventilation gaps, while the facade between Wspólna street and the stone-clad exterior has tall tilting windows.

Natural ventilation

One of the key requirements for human well-being is good indoor air quality and temperature management, which depend on an effective ventilation system. This means that sustainable construction standards include the need for natural ventilation. WICONA specially developed a custom solution for this project that combines modern design with economical and user-friendly natural ventilation. The stone-clad southern facade of Park Avenue therefore has large inward-opening windows that ensure natural air exchange and ensure the comfort of office users. The rear of the building has a mullion and transom facade system with fully integrated narrow WICLINE 75 ventilation flaps.

Top level for sustainable construction

Park Avenue is LEED Gold certified. The LEED environmental certification system provides a framework for creating healthy, highly efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. LEED certified buildings save energy, water and other resources, as well as generating less waste. This means that buildings of this type benefit human health and the environment we live in. LEED certified office buildings are cheaper to run and improve employee productivity thanks to the quality of the indoor environment.


Architect: JSK Architekci

Fabricator: WARBUD

WICONA solutions: WICTEC 50, WICTEC 60, WICLINE 75 evo.

Photo: Copyright Leszek Ogrodnik



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