Research and explore goes hand in hand and are both tools used in innovation and education. Ventspils SC is an innovation center combining interactive galleries with education. Today, the interactive technology is as obvious in the teaching plan as physical books.

The building is filled with knowledge and the vision is to attract not only locals, but people from the entire world. Construction started 2019 and the doors will open in summer 2022. Simultaneously as the construction of the building, is also the creation of the content inside the building. There’ll be seven interactive galleries – sports, smart tech, physics and mathematics, geography and the world, human perception and a children’s gallery. These galleries will not only entertain, but also be interactive and a form of learning tool. The goal is to promote a greater understanding of these subjects already in an early stage of children’s life.

All the exhibits will be linked to educational programs for children, students and teachers. The center also partnered up with Ventspils University College and the science center Vilvite in Norway. The partnerships are not only to spike an interest for the new center, but also for exchanges, research and marketing. Ventspils is designed to host technical creative workshops, host seminars, prototyping laboratories and much more. The architecture creates a diversifying learning process in this new modern building of knowledge.

“The biggest challenge of the project the timing and global circumstances.We had started to support our customer when Covid-19 hit the globe and all countries went into lockdown. It was impossible to travel and meet face to face and even do the workshop training”, says Rimantas Staknevičius, Baltic Countries Manager.

These challenges were gallantly solved through pre-recorded videos and close contact between WICONA and the customer.

“For this project we have developed special window frame and sash. There was glass glued on to hide the aluminum as the material for the window framing. Window sash got a special shape as well so the glass alone is visible in the exterior applications. All opening parts are non-rectangular. This caused special corner cleats as well as special fittings, says Rimantas Staknevičius, Baltic Countries Manager.

Architect: Audrius Ambrasas Architects
Metal builder (WICONA facades): UPPE SIA
WICONA Solutions: WICTEC 50 project solution used here + WICLINE 75 project solution. In addition, we have WICSTYLE 75 doors as well as panel doors.
Photo: Hundven Clements Photography


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