U219 - The BREEAM Excellent Certificated Building With Unique Glass Facades

U219 - The BREEAM Excellent Certificated Building With Unique Glass Facades

The art of designing office spaces has become a combination of hardware relevance and the every-day life of modern citizens. Conducting business is an interaction between people, technology, and architecture, so when building Business Centers, these should be considered as keys to future employee environment. According to recent studies, research shows that boring offices result in more absent days. U219 is a fine example of a modern office building, were soft values and well beings are considered in the design – an architectonic means to induce solutions in the human mind.

U219 focuses on comfortability, health and productivity. The space shows great devotion to the person and their well-being not only by guaranteeing their comfort through high quality materials and progressive technological solutions, but also by paying special attention to acoustics and the level of noise. The curtain wall façade solutions, signed WICONA, do not allow noise from the outside into the working environment. What’s unique about this building is the combination of STD and Full SH solutions and the vertical pilaster fixation principals.

“We got this project thanks to our standard EL solutions using glazing beads for glass fixing into ALU frames. We also had to change 4 back facades info full SG solutions which required a completely new concept for the whole building. We’ve done all the design from scratch, and on top of that we’ve managed to finish this project according to deadlines” says Rimantas Staknevicius at WICONA.

Located on Ukmerges Street, the buildings peculiar look stands out from the city environment. The total area of the building covers 15,000 square meters, and the shape consists out of two blocks that’s interconnected by an atrium. The momentum of the building is a horizontal oval-shape opening that puts the inner environment for display for those who’re looking in. The first level of the building is seen as an extension of the commercial alleys of Šeskine, and thanks to the panoramic views, even the upper floors create a present feeling to the pulse of the city.

U219 is multi-facetted and offer tenants variants of premises depending on needs and requirements – room sizes, lunch spaces, leisure areas, kitchenettes, meeting rooms and private spaces. Other projects built with same solution are Sqveras, Magnum in Kaunas Lithuania, World Trade Centre in Karlskrona and Kv.Konsuln in Linköping Sweden.

The global trends demand requirements for design and construction, as this was considered already in the design phase U219 successfully acquired the “hard-to-get” BREEAM Excellent New Construction Standard.

Architect: Cloud architektai UAB

Metall builders: Glasma Service UAB & Aliuminio fasadai UAB

WICONA Solutions: WICTEC EL60 EVO & EL60 SG EVO tailor made solutions

Photos: Evaldas Lasys


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