Skyliner - the flagship investment of the Karimpol Group - is one of the most impressive architectural buildings in Poland, both in terms of height and the technologies used. The high-rise building was realised using solutions and technologies that meet the requirements of sustainable construction. The WICONA brand supplied WICTEC unitised facades.

The nearly 200-metre Skyliner is seventh on the list of tallest buildings in Poland.

It offers 49,000 sqm of office and retail space for lease on 42 floors. The lowest levels of the building are designed for commercial, retail and catering premises. At a height of 165 m is the two-storey Skybar with stunning views of the Warsaw skyline. Skyliner's spectacular lobby reaches a height of 16 m and is the tallest office lobby in Poland. The skyscraper is served by 21 high-speed lifts (with speeds of up to 7 m/s) equipped with an intelligent touchless operation system for comfort of use.

The architectural design of Skyliner is the brainchild of the APA Wojciechowski design studio. The general contractor of the office building is Warbud S.A. The skyscraper is sleek and slender. Its aesthetics are a reference to universal classicism in its purest form. This will ensure that it looks good not only after five years but also after twenty. The visual effect was achieved thanks to the facade systems used.

WICTEC unitised facades

An important aspect of the project was to reduce as far as possible the time required for completion, planned for 3 years (from 2017 to 2020). Due to the short completion deadline, a solution using unitised facades was chosen. These are ready-made semi-finished components that can be assembled modularly without the need for scaffolding. This is an excellent alternative to traditional mullion and transom systems, and despite its higher price, it compensates for the costs of transporting individual elements (transoms, glass panes) and additional scaffolding or outriggers. The facades are supplied as modules mounted from the inside.

The WICTEC system used for Skyliner offers both aesthetic flexibility and a high level of functionality. It enables optimisation of energy efficiency, sound insulation and safety
Hubert Wiśniewski, Country Manager at WICONA Polska

Compliant with EN 13830 for curtain walling, WICTEC is fully weather tested and has fire resistant properties. Thanks to the easy availability of various profile types, it can be adapted to almost any architectural style.

The WICTEC system has been developed using ETC Intelligence® technology. This modern solution makes it possible to reduce the amount of thermal insulation used in profiles, without lowering the product's thermal insulation parameters. In addition, the highly efficient thermal insulation also reduces buildings' energy requirements, which has a positive impact on the environment and improves comfort
Hubert Wiśniewski, Country Manager at WICONA Polska

Skyliner is undoubtedly synonymous with buildings of the future, thanks to the combination of the latest technological trends and modern urban architecture. This is an excellent example of how unitised facades are the future in terms of both technology and organisation for constructing ever taller and more complex buildings. Our WICTEC system is designed to meet the increasing demands of engineers and designers. As a leader in this field, we provide solutions of the highest quality, which guarantee great aesthetics as well as high component durability, concludes Hubert Wiśniewski.



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